Mugabe demands cash

Former President Mr Robert Mugabe for years received his salary in cash, and has demanded that the same arrangement apply to his pension lump sum of nearly half a million dollars and monthly pension payments of over $13 000, The Sunday Mail can exclusively reveal.

Documents in our possession show Mr Mugabe wants his pension lump sum of $467 200 and monthly pension of $13 333 in cash.

The documents show Mr Mugabe had been getting monthly cash payments of $20 000 while still Head of State and Government, even as ordinary Zimbabweans queued for days on end to access amounts as low as $20 from banks.

Though it could not be ascertained by the time of writing if the payments were done in foreign currency or bond notes, The Sunday Mail established that former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe is also getting a monthly payment of $2 170 from the State.

On March 1, 2018, the Chair of the Public Service Commission, Mr Mariyawanda Nzuwah wrote to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya asking monetary authorities to avail the cash for Mr Mugabe.

The letter was copied to Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda, Secretary for Finance and Economic Development Mr Willard Manungo and the Secretary for the PSC, Mrs Pretty Sunguro.

Mr Nzuwah said Mr Mugabe was entitled to a pension in terms of the Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits Act (Chapter 2:05).

“Section 2 of the principal Act as amended states that the former President of Zimbabwe is entitled to a pension that is equal to salary and allowances payable to the serving President of Zimbabwe.

“Section 10 of the principal Act as amended states that the former President of Zimbabwe can commute a portion of his pension not exceeding one-third of a pension payable to him.

“The former President opted to commute one-third of his pension and he is therefore entitled to monthly pension of $13 333 and lump sum pension amounting to $467 200.

“The former President was being paid his salary in cash and he has requested that the same arrangement be maintained.

“We are kindly requesting you to avail cash amounting to $467 200 and monthly cash amounts of $13 333 for us to pay the former President of Zimbabwe his pension benefits,” wrote Mr Nzuwah.

Since he resigned in November 2017, Mr Mugabe has received $80 000 in pension, while Mrs Mugabe has received $8 680.

The payments to Mr Mugabe were made on January 5, 2018 ($40 000), January 29, 2018 ($20 000) and February 28, 2018.

The two payments on January 5 were because Mr Mugabe had not received his pension for November and December 2017 due to administrative issues hence the double instalment to offset arrears.

He got a third instalment at the end of January as his pension for that month, with the fourth also coming as scheduled in February.

Mrs Mugabe received instalments of $2 170 in November and December 2017, and January and February 2018.

Our source at the Public Service Commission said the Mugabes “should be pleased that their pensions are coming on time and in cash when under his (Mr Mugabe’s) administration civil servants and pensioners were never sure of when they would be paid”.

The source also said they found the arrangement “quite uncomfortable” seeing as Mr Mugabe had “preached plastic and electronic money use by day while leaning on bureacrats to give him cash at night”.

Official comment could not be obtained from the PSC and the Office of the President and Cabinet.

However, when asked by a senior official in the President’s Office if it was normal practice to pay Heads of State and Government in cash, more so in a country facing liquidity challenges, The Sunday Mail was told that President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took over from Mr Mugabe, had been left bemused by the arrangement.

“I can tell you for a fact, because I was there, that a lady (name withheld) from CBZ Bank came with a sack of cash to President Mnangagwa’s Office when his first pay day arrived. The President asked her what the money was for, and she pulled out a form and said it was his salary and he must sign for it.

“The President said it was highly irregular and irresponsible, and the lady indicated that cash salary payments were standard for the old man (Mr Mugabe) and she assumed that was how things were done for the highest office in the land.

“His Excellency gave her his bank account number and told her to do a transfer as is done for everyone else, and told her that if he needed cash he would queue for it like everyone else because the cash shortages affected all Zimbabweans and he would demand no such preferential and irregular treatment.”

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  • wezhira wezheve

    loved the last part …he would queue just like anybody ….like seriously

  • Mimi

    Very well done President ED. Much as Your Excellency was bemused by the salary cash payment arrangement, I must say most Zimbabweans will certainly feel embarrassed, shocked and disappointed. The unfairness of such an arrangement is surely a disturbing trend. No wonder Zimbabwe will never prosper, lol. How can the Highest Office in the Land make such demands and not feel guilty.

    • Emerald

      You are naive. You really think ED and company did not know about Mugabe’s cash payments all along? How so dull are you to fail to see that this is just cheap politicking and an attempt at marketing by ED? The last paragraph should open your dull eyes.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Now that’s PR for the croc! queuing for cash just like everybody else? How come we’ve never seen him in the queues?

    please bring back the word COMRADE…… Mr Mugabe! Just doesn’t sound like you are talking of our dearest comradie thief in command!

  • Chihelele

    I see Charamba writting the last paragraph

  • Beey

    Pension??? For what? You and your G40 scoundrels looted our 15 billion dollars less than 5 years ago and you still demand that???

  • Brutus

    This is ###it! If he needs cash he would queue like any citizens? Sunday mail, u should be ashamed of yourselves. Are u telling us the ED does not get preferential treatment?

  • hoko

    Isu tirikutambira mabond notes mupei mabonds

  • kuda

    Mr former president its wise for your money to be deposited into your bank account and you go withdraw it like any other citizen.Its time for you to taste what its like spending days waiting for your hard earned cash.You are the root to all these problems face the music .

  • meme

    Mugabe must also feel the heat

  • Fosholo Kapwepwe

    1 day there is going to be a movie-style huge cash armed robbery at the Blue Roofs. Tick, tock, tick? Kaboom!

  • zimba ngoma

    Tsitsi dzinotsikirira in November this old man was shaking in his diapers, and u decided to reward him instead of trying him for his crimes now he is going to be a pain in your back side se **** remagwavha

    • moholo

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! AAAAaaaaaha!!!

  • zimbotry

    Time he lived in the real world. Just give him some of his useless Bond notes

  • Chartered

    The authenticity of this article is questionable. It sounds pretty much like a campaign to portray ED as people-centered. Be that as it may, the timing of such a position is interesting coming at a time when ED is reportedly unnerved by alleged Mugabe’s recent political activities. That might be a subtle way of trying to get at and frustrate old Bob.

    • Truthhurts!

      The problem is as old as the problem as the problem that has been in existence all along; that of the urban – rural constituencies divide! When those in the rural areas got wind of the military intervention and that people in the urban areas were celebrating a Mugabe ouster the rural voter began to question the usurpation of power that came with the intervention. Zanu-PF has to work hard to explain and convince its rural constituency about what actually happened. Most people in the rural areas do not know much about ED as he never really marketed himself convincingly country-wide except in the southern province of Masvingo, the Midlands and Matebeleland where he is treated with suspicion! This explains why I have always said he needs to build bridges with his former mentor and engage with him to put an end to what may be a divisive bhora musango that will give Chamisa a good chance of winning the forthcoming plebiscite. Rural-based electorates are not quite clear about what happened and former-President Mugabe’s failure to endorse ED is something that makes the once reliable rural vote a hit or miss affair. Some people are taking things for granted forgetting that the rural Zanu-PF has always voted Zanu-PF because of Mugabe who, to them, is synonymous with the party! A lot of disparaging remarks about the former President by some of the new guys in government is an own goal against their own party.

      • TSIVO

        The honest truth is that mentality you have to suggest that VaMugabe is ZANU.PF.Not knowing which rural area you are referring to from my area information they get just as how the urban folks get.Its people like you who are instilling a false sense of love to VaMugabe at a time he should have nothing more to offer politically He should just enjoy his rest period.

  • Mukanya

    Mugabe lost his legacy and should never be getting anything at all. He took Zinbabwean people for granted. He thunks what he was doing was correct, that was looting, money laundering at its best. What does he do with all that money? I wonder what audacity is that from a man of his level to demand to be paid in cash. Mugabe be told, you are no longer of any value or significance to the nation because you ruined the country and we will not forgive you for that. We are suffering like this because of your mismanagement. Tell me, what is Grace being paid for. these people made enough money already. Cde. President Munangagwa, please stop this madness. I wonder what else is being done, may be Chatunga also has got a salary too.


    Too emotional baba it’s not Gonna work Mr TRUE-NOT Patriot were come August Ngwena muOffice pfee. #EDHASMYVOTE!!!!!


    Surprised here’ The president gave the lady from CBZ his account number’ how had the cash been transacted at the bank without an account number.To me it seems it was the norm for the chefs then.Its so sad