Mufakose 2 Secondary School

MARIA TERERE Form 4S1 Mufakose 2 secondary school
Have you ever wondered why a school turns out to be outstanding among the rest? It is really a conflicting aspect as everyone thinks of their school as the best but however it is a known fact that the quality produces the best not the quantity.

Being one of the most exquisite and deluxe schools in the country, Mufakose 2 Secondary is considered to be an outstanding school with high quality and standard education unmatched by any other school. Arising from the horizon ridging like a mad bull, Mufakose 2 Secondary was born with integrity, discipline and knowledge.

Academic Level

For the past years up until now, Mufakose 2 Secondary has proved to provide the highest level of academic excellence. The school nurtures bright students who has perseverance, courage, determination and focus instilled in them. The school brings up students who are considered to be effective citizens of the nation with UBUNTU. The passrate of leaners has rapidly increased from 44 to 51,23 %. The outstanding ordinary level student for 2016 was Fungai Muvazhi who attained 11 As and 2Bs and her form teacher being Mr Mwadzirerutsa. The best advanced level students were Tatenda Mugobera and Anesu Musikavanhu who scooped 18 points and 15 points respectively. Thus the school is the best in the Glenview Mufakose District.

Sporting activities and clubs

The school offers a diversity of sporting activities and clubs. We have basketball, tennis, netball, cough ball,athletics, cricket, handball, soccer and volleyball. We have stars who perform in these activities and whenever they compete they are the best. Academic excellence is not the only category that makes a person’s life successful but rather sporting activities can pave way for greater opportunities in life. This year’s basketball stars are Manase and Joshua and the teacher in charge for basketball is Mr Bhunu.

The under 17boys basketball team was number 1 at district level andis proceeding to the provincial level. In 2016 tennis players won a trophy at the High School Open Tournament held at Old Hararians, the stars were Ronald Jasi and Cynthia Firijori. Martha Makawu is the under 15 netball star. Last but not least, there is a soccer star, Nathan Nyambuya who is the school’s head boy.

The clubs offered at Mufakose 2 include Debate, Eco-Biodiversity, Interact, Chess, Art, Music, Media, ICT, JCT, First Aid etc. These clubs have a pivotal role in the running of the school and it is mandatory for every student to be involved in any of these co-curriculum activities.


The standard of teaching at the school is highly upgradable and the quality of teachers is unmatched by any other group of teachers. Mufakose 2 Secondary has teachers who are sociable and who never despair without a struggle.

They have quality organisation and are experts in various levels of education. They have the intellectual ability to guide students to achieve their goals and reaching their destinations.

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