Mufakose 1 High shines again. . . 17 students with 15 points and above

. . . 17 students with 15 points and above

. . . 99.2 percent pass rate at A-Level

Charmaine Kamhanda U6 Arts 2016
Mufakose 1 High School
SOME may wonder if it is a lucky charm or a miracle for Mufakose 1 High School to, once again, achieve impressive A level results.
It is clear testimony of the culture of academic excellence that the school, under the leadership of the Headmaster, Mr. L.B. Muridzo, has adopted and used.
The head, together with members of his staff, has introduced and nurtured a spirit of hard work, commitment and discipline. The school employs various strategies that enable the students at a day school to produce superior results. Some of these strategies include study groups, discussions, seminars, access to rooms for study up to 8pm and also during the weekends. Furthermore, the school identifies those students who need counseling and special attention for them to improve.
The highest pointer was Paddington Dzinzi with 25 points (Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Further Maths A, Accounting A). (See his story on page 3 of this section to see how he achieved that.)
Nyasha Kakwenga (19 points; Economics A, Bussiness Studies A, Geography A, Maths B), was next and her other counterparts namely, Lillian, Merjury, Sandra, Tariro, Shumirai and Tanyaradzwa, who all had 15 points, made proud the girl child.
The head boy, Leon Chiponda, who was also an honorable junior councilor, despite the heavy responsibility, attained 15 points, maintaining what had been done by the previous head boy. Brandon Bwanakocha, an honorable junior parliamentarian for Southerton constituency, who scored 19 points. The school pass rate was 99.2%, leaving the current Upper Six students with a challenge to surpass their predecessors.Asked for comments, Kudzanai Sixpence Rembo (17 points) said, “It is about having a positive attitude towards whatever you want to achieve, being humble, determined and acknowledging his ALMIGHTY will help you reach greater heights.”
Sandra Ndlovu (15 points) said, “It is all about reading to understand. Never wait until it is too late. Procrastination is the best thief of time. Do your best and God will do the rest.”
The head is commended for monitoring the students and inspiring the teachers to produce quality results.
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