MDC Alliance leader faces $3 million legal bill

Kuda Bwititi Chief Reporter
MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa may have to fork out more than $3 million to meet the costs of his election petition loss at the Constitutional Court.

Mr Chamisa sought to overturn President-elect Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s July 30 election victory, but the ConCourt unanimously dismissed his challenge with costs.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail yesterday, Zanu-PF Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Paul Mangwana said the ruling party’s lawyers were quantifying the exact amount due to them, but they had indicated an approximate bill of $3 million.

That figure excludes what the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s legal bill.

“Lawyers charge according to the number of hours they spend on a case. You will appreciate that a humongous amount of hours were spent on this case because of its high profile nature and also because of the need to ensure that everything was on point,” he said.

Cde Mangwana said the final bill required approval of the Registrar of the Court.

“The amount has to be in line with the prescribed rates which lawyers charge. Such rates are approved by the Registrar of Courts who also has to grant the approval. The amount will also undergo the necessary taxation processes,” he said.

Cde Mangwana said in the event Mr Chamisa failed to pay, the opposition leader risked losing his personal property.

“What the ruling means is that Zanu-PF doesn’t have to pay, it is Chamisa who has to pay our lawyers. The law says if he doesn’t pay we will have to attach his personal property.

‘‘This law is made to guard against people who approach the courts with cases that are not of any substance,” he said.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba announced the ConCourt’s unanimous decision thus: “It is not for the court to decide elections, it is the people. It is a duty of the courts to strive in public interest to sustain that which the people have expressed their will in.

“Therefore their application ought to be dismissed. In the result, the following order is made. The application is dismissed with costs.”

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  • Ngwena

    Haiwa chimuregai mfana wedu uyu at least akuziva kuti chine vene vacho chinhu ichi

  • sarah Mahoka

    do you know ma ZzImba? why did they have no money for agrnts. Same same. Nobody will want to part with their money. And by the way the bill is only 3 M ofr the zanupf lawyers there are also ZEC lawywer costs and court costs

    • takunda nigel

      …deft men – and women – schooled ,…, yes but in the end they will have to choose a mode of production for the country . What do you think they must choose for Zimbabwe ?

  • ED pfeeeee

    Ndipo pamuchaona kuti 2.6mill people didn’t vote for you kikikikiki

    • Tinovaziva

      I humbly submit that I am not a member of the MDC at all but I want justice in my country. Zanu PF continues to cling to the socialist/communist fallacy which they have laced with oppression in much the same way the west clings to their capitalist fallacies. What simplistic idiots like these fail to understand is that the world is much more complex that this and it needs deft men schooled in its complexities to navigate it instead of chest beating thugs who think it will bend to its will.

  • Enoch Dzetema

    Easy we can for sure .they think 3M will sink him,never ..

  • Kuda Tambaoga

    I will contribute, my friends will and will contribute for families as well

  • employ educated people !!

    “…That figure excludes what the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s legal bill…” wtf does that sentence mean ?

  • takunda nigel

    A kind of protracted effort to unstrip the boy ! I keep on asking myself if Chamisa is a real lawyer with brains to use .

  • takunda nigel

    In the wider theater of justice ,Chamisa is nowhere near being as deprived as he deserves for hobnobbing with the likes of Biti calling for Sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe . Do not misinterpret out pity for sympathy !