Makandiwa vs millionaire couple◆ Messy tussle over US$1m ◆ ‘We were robbed, abused’

Brian Chitemba Investigations Editor
CHARISMATIC United Family International Church (Ufic) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is entangled in a nasty fight with a millionaire couple Mr Upenyu Mashangwa and his wife Blessing, over a staggering US$1 million in tithes, offerings and other contributions to the church.

The Sunday Mail Society understands that the messy clash between Prophet Makandiwa and the Mashangwa couple erupted in August 2016 after the latter left Ufic and rejoined Celebration Church.

According to Mrs Mashangwa, the Ufic founder penned an article on August 16, which was published in The Herald, titled “The importance of a good name” in which he pointed that it takes complaints from customers for a perfume or chicken business to crumble. She claimed that the message was targeted at her because Prophet Makandiwa was well-aware that she was into perfumes and another chicken business for her sister.

The man of cloth wrote, “When your name is tarnished you lose customers just because of a name that is not good. You need just one paper to write badly about you and say that you are selling rotten chicken and that is the end of your career. You need one person who can move around telling people that your perfumes can cause cancer and once that news begins to spread your company will begin to go down.”

This angered the Mashangwa couple who own Oceane Collection Perfumes. She felt Prophet Makandiwa was taking a dig at her because of severed ties due to several pertinent reasons which The Sunday Mail Society will expose next week.

The bad blood between Prophet Makandiwa and the Mashangwa couple then reached fever pitch on February 2, 2017 when a Facebook page titled “The Truth About Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa” published a piece ‘Truth Commission Part4” in which five people who left Ufic church were described as those “who dine with the devil”. The article, according to the Mashangwa couple could have mentioned some of issues which were discussed privately with Prophet Makandiwa.

“If Prophet Makandiwa was not aware of the Facebook page why were some of the issues discussed in private mentioned? Who could have written that article or who was the source of information? ,” said Mrs Mashangwa.

“People who were attacked on ‘The truth about Prophet Makandiwa’ were big givers and this explains that someone in Ufic was not happy about our departure. That person can only be Makandiwa”

The couple also claimed that they were arrested for allegedly kidnapping Mr Kudakwashe Madzvawawa who had sought ‘refuge’ voluntarily at their plush home in Borrowdale Brooke. Mr Madzvawawa had gone to the Mashangwa residence in the company of one of the Ufic bouncers Mr Munyaradzi Rukato.

The involvement of Mr Rukato, who is already facing charges of violence in court, raised stink due to his close links with Ufic leaders.

Mrs Mashangwa said she believed that the ‘kidnapping’ allegations were a set-up by Ufic leaders to bring her down but was “only saved by a video which was recorded by Mr Mashangwa of the proceedings which exposed how Mr Madzvawawa sought refuge”. After watching the video, the law enforcement agents set the couple free.

Mrs Mashangwa then wrote to Prophet Makandiwa on February 7, 2017 expressing displeasure over “unprovoked” attacks on her person.

In part her letter reads, “After serving you diligently for five years, the least I expect is for our end to be filled with this controversy and backlash.

“After seeing what was written on a page that so obvious it is administered by your office, I have had the time to reflect on my journey with you. I feel it’s about time you know; I feel you have robbed us, taken us for granted and afflicted pain on us. With all the commitment and love we had for you, you shouldn’t have betrayed us.

“It’s unfortunate those who are powerful believe they can oppress the weak. I believe in one principle of life which always stand; after all the good we did in Ufic, you can never repay good with evil and win.”

Due to the sour grapes between the couple and the Ufic leader, the Oceane Collection Perfumes owner has since indicated that she wants her money back from the church.

The Sunday Mail Society obtained details that Ufic spokesman Pastor Prime Kufa who is also Prophet Makandiwa’s right handman, wrote to Mrs Mashangwa on February 13, 2017 promising to pay back her money if she produced receipts of her tithes, offerings and other contributions spanning between 2011 and 2016.

Pastors Kufa and Tawanda Makandiwa, who is Prophet Makandiwa’s younger brother, met Mrs Mashangwa on February 13, 2017 to discuss how the latter would be repaid her money amounting to over US$1 million. Part of Pastor Kufa’s undertaking reads, “However, the prophet has instructed us to pay you back as you demand to ensure that you are satisfied and feel fully recompensed.”

According to Mrs Mashangwa, Prophet Makandiwa’s emissary promised to pay her up in full but to date nothing has been paid.

“I was also surprised that after the February 13, 2017 meeting, Prophet Makandiwa then called for a “Blessing Covenant Week” between 20-25 February, yet my name is also Blessing and I am the same person who is demanding my money back. I am only asking for my contributions because Makandiwa has proved that our relations have broken down,” she said.

The Sunday Mail Society was shown the Mashangwa couple’s receipts of their contributions to Ufic in which they were forking out at least US$24 000 per month in tithes, US$4 500 in ‘partnership with the Prophet’ and US$1 500 in charity contributions.

Further, the couple also made ‘other’ payments to Ufic amounting to over US$100 000, for instance, on June 30, 2011 under Ufic receipt number 141009, the Mashangwa couple paid US$10 000 towards the purchase of the state-of-the-art public announcement (PA) system while on October 7, 2011 they paid US$15 000 towards ‘conference contributions’ recorded under Ufic receipt number 239656 and on December 4, 2011, the couple parted with 100 000 South African Rands in thanksgiving.

The Sunday Mail Society also understands that instead of delivering their tithe at the church, Prophet Makandiwa’s brother, Pastor Tawanda would make trips to the Mashangwa residence to collect the tithe.

“If it was all about the money on our part we could have asked to be paid back in July 2016 when we left the church but we only doing it now because Prophet Makandiwa and his people are  fighting us. We are not broke because our businesses are doing well; we just want to cut ties and give each other his or her dues,” chipped in Mr Mashangwa.

In response on Wednesday last week, Pastor Kufa said Prophet Makandiwa never promised to pay back the Mashangwa couple.

He said despite the Mashangwas’ departure from Ufic, things were still going on well as Prophet Makandiwa in his capacity as a businessman was the biggest financial partner for the church.

Pastor Kufa further explained that “there was no reason why Prophet Makandiwa or any Ufic member would fight the Mashangwas”.

He said even the allegations of kidnapping against the Mashangwa couple had nothing to do with Ufic and Prophet Makandiwa.

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  • Templeman

    The truth is now coming out that Makandiwa has been ripping people off. How does a prophet collect $1million from one family is that not being greedy? this is pure daylight robbery (hutsinye). If the members who left were said to be dining with the devil why did he take the devils money and the devils cars. On the other hand it’s not normal that a person in their right state of mind can take that kind of money to church, this couple must have been under some sort of spell and i think they are not the only ones.

  • Hardnut

    Makandiwa is always bragging that he gets money thru an honest living,is this what he calls an honest living???What kind of a prophet is he that does not see a battle before him,because surely he would have stayed away from this million.

  • Godfather

    May God continue to do away with false prophets in our country. Makandiwa got that money through eloquence,asi chamakadya chomuka. Muporofita buritsai mari yevanhu they gave you receipts as proof sekutaura kwenyu saka raramai mharidzo dzenyu. Hakuna munhu anogutsikana akaziva kuti mari yake iri kuma cults,Makandiwa you are a cult.This is the time for revival where by prophets,teachers and apostles are being exposed in our nation.

  • Advocate

    Everyone who has been seeding and tithing to Makandiwa’s church should add up each payment and see how much they wasted and what they could have done with that money. Ironically some of these congregants are in a debt of some sort right now. Imaging if you had not wasted that money on Makandiwa and instead channeled your funds on your current debts. Depressing isn’t it? Makandiwa is a daylight robber.

  • Ernest

    Prophet Makandiwa is a true Man of God. No one is forced to give. Also when you are giving you give to God not to man. So Mashangwa claim your dues to God. Kana wabhuroka go and look for money somewhere.
    You are not the first Blessing on this earth. Blessing is an ancient name that whoever wishes may you it even to name a dog. Don’t be fooled by money which vanishes like a mist Please fear God don’t fight with a lion.

    • Mukotami

      Here is the correct version of your response:

      (I think ) Prophet Makandiwa is a true Man of God. No one is forced to give (him). Also when you are giving (to him and or to his church) you (pretend to) give to God not to man. So Mashangwa claim your dues to God (through Makandiwa who claims to represent God). Kana wabhuroka go and claim (your) money somewhere (at the courts).
      You are not the first Blessing on this earth. Blessing is an ancient name that whoever wishes may you it even to name a dog. Don’t be fooled by money which vanishes (in Makandiwa’s pockets) like a mist Please fear God, don’t fight with a lion (with your hands, shoot it).

  • Denny

    Here is a couple who are masquerading as having been milked by the Great Prophet Of GOD.For the record tithes and offerings are submitted to the church and not as the so called couple is saying.Were they extorted to part with their dear cash?If so they should make a police report rather than running to the press.This is just but one of the many shenanigans of the devil to try and tarnish the person of our Father.Unfortunately,devil you have dismally failed!This is good riddance from the house of GOD.To GOD be the Glory!!

  • Observer

    Thoughts tithes and offering are supposed to be brought to the alter, zvino kana otorwa kudzimba…..the mind can only wonder

  • Mayie


  • ERUM

    As a Christians I am deeply disappointed in you two. The Mushangwas say they want their money because the have suspicion that the Prophet might have said this and that.If you are Christians and not church goers you should know better, you didn’t give your tithes and offerings to the Man of God but to God, you do not serve a Man but you serve the Creator. So you were robbed by who, GOD? Please leave Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa alone, if you had a real case you would be solving this as Christians or going to the police not the press. Paul talks about how to deal with matters as Christians.

    • maita

      He was sending his brother to collect the money it stopped to be church business.

      • ERUM

        The two said the money they are claiming is officially receipted in Church book records. That’s 100% Church business. There is no mention of money received and not receipted officially. How they paid is their claim but the money was sent to the Church for Church Business. Period.

  • Tichaona

    Whoever was wronged in this case as Christians no one benefits from such expositions except the devil who rejoices in non-believers feeling they are justified to abscond from church.

  • maita

    This is my worry with cult goers very easy to insult people. Use of the word stupid can only be used by the occult. I think tithes and offerings cannot be refunded but if Makandiwa promised to pay back if they produce receipts (and apparently talking to UFIC people they boast about that kuti we can pay you back your money, very arrogant,) it means he knew he was into a business transaction.

    • david

      Even Jesus used the word “stupid”, so you’re saying He’s also an occultist? Read Mark 7:18 (Message Bible).

  • tm

    The Mashangwas,,tell me something..were you doing this for God or you wanted favours in return, maybe you wanted top positions. Truly speaking if you were doing it for God then nothing must be returned whether Makandiwa uses the money rightly or wrongly thats non of your business, its between him and God… gave it willingly. Who told you that Makandiwa was talking about you? There are so many people who are into chickens and perfumes in Zimbabwe..I think you and your wife you have a problem. Recently, i understand you gave a Range Rover or Landrover to another Big Prophet and you were promised shares in a certain foreign Airline. After the period passed without any shares coming your way you wanted your car back so it looks like you two you are not genuine christians but you are after some other things…munoda zvinhu sitereki.

  • Wellington

    As if you had guns pointed to your heads, hanty u gave voluntarily then why make noise, next time you should know that there is only one God, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac lsrael, God the Father The Son and the Holy Spirit, NOT Man of God

  • Handirevinhema

    Since when do people ask for their money back in the newspaper? Sunday Mail is not a debt collector clearly there is an ulterior motive here! Haisi nyaya yematithe iyi.

  • Angelo McWhite

    Tithing is only done by satanists who do not understand (or
    even read) the Bible. There is need for Makandiwa and his i###
    “children” to understand that the Bible is in two distinct
    testaments: The Old Testament , and The New Testament. With Moses and Christ
    being the Testator respectively. The law was a pointer (or shadow) to the New
    Testament, as it is rightly put by Paul. We are no longer under the law, but
    rather under the commandment of Love, Grace and Faith. Trying to get under the
    Law clearly means the UFICs are saying Jesus Christ died in vain. but of course
    they should be free to say this because they already declared their makandiwa
    as a spiritual father, yet we all know that Jesus Christ is the only Spiritual
    Father in The New Testament Church.

    • Blake Carrington

      🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄God help you.

    • Nutty

      you are not well versed in this subject, God himself introduced tithing way before Moses. where does Satanism come in when people unselfishly give in honour to God who give them power to get wealth. (Deut 8:18) Jesus endorsed the tithing system on Matthew 23:23 …’these ought ye to have done, and do not leave the other undone. Meaning it was ok to tithe even the minute things, but also considering other matters of the law, judgement, mercy faith. HOW DO YOU READ?

    • BC

      How does the church pay for its activities if people dont contribute?

  • Murume Mukuru

    Yeurere ngaidyiwe

  • David

    That page is not an official UFIC page.

  • Kudzai

    You want the testimonies about the $77.00 to be published on radio for you to know that it works? Me, I used to work for $52.00 per day as my fixed daily rate and 7 days after I paid my $77.00,I signed a new contract of $129.00 per day. That’s how the blessing manifest. Further the Mashangwas did not mention anywhere that they sent a letter demanding their money 💵 with receipts attached amounting to $1 million. They show the receipts to the Sunday Mail as if they want the money from the Sunday Mail. Let them produce the receipts amounting to 1million. The name Blessing is the most common name and the blessing covenant week was not Blessing Mashangwa covenant week. It was meant for sons and daughters and not former. It is clear that the Mashangwas are still subconsciously following the Prophet. They know events at Ufi more than at their church.

  • malico maliko

    well said boss, you level headed

  • malico maliko

    ko ivo `prophet` vanogozotuma munin`ina wavo kuno tora chegumi kumba kwemutendi sei zve…,

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Makandiwa is a fraud. Those who give this thief money are equally stupid.