Makandiwa case sucks in Magaya

UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is trying to rope Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya into a legal wrangle pitting the former with businessman Mr Upenyu Mashangwa
Mr Mashangwa says he lost a house in Marlborough, Harare to a bank after Prophet Makandiwa allegedly gave a false debt cancellation prophecy.

In an application for the case to be dismissed, Prohpet Makandiwa says Mr Mashangwa sold the house to Prophet Magaya.

However, in an affidavit filed at the High Court last week, Mr Mashangwa wrote: “I have noticed with amusement how Makandiwa tries to rope in his competitor and nemesis one Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Makandiwa
Prophet Makandiwa

“In his suggestion, am I involved in their fights?

“Whatever his intentions, they leave a bad taste and show him to be an unbalanced individual who is in need of assistance. I refuse to be party to their wars.”

In all, Mr Mashangwa is claiming US$6,5 million from Prophet Makandiwa for alleged false promises, loss of property and money as tithes and offerings, and pushing him to unknowingly engage the services of a de-registered lawyer.

Last week, Mr Mashangwa claimed Prophet Makandiwa was losing a significant number of followers.

“. . . Mr Makandiwa had lost his wealthy followers. He therefore could not afford to pay me the money he had undertaken to pay. Indeed, it is his penury which is making him jump up and down.

“For all these reasons, I submit that the application (by Prophet Makandiwa to dismiss the case) must fail with costs on the higher scale.

“In the normal order of things, those costs should have been borne by the legal practitioners.

“I submit however, that they must be borne by the applicants who are clearly the parties who do not want to testify. Their attitude is unworthy and immoral and in view of the fact that they profess to be leaders of the society, an example must be made of them.”

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  • Million

    Talk of pathetic journalism and foolishness.UFIC in their affidavit proved through records at the Deeds office that Mashangwa did not lose the house to any bank but rather he made a double sale to a certain lady and to PHD leader.the Mashangwas sought an out of court settlement with this lady(if they were not guilty they wouldnt do that). UFIC again proved through court records that Mashangwa never lost any case at the courts as they alleged.what happened to investigave journalism?why did Mashangwa seek an out of court settlement with that lady? Who owns the house currently? Was Mawere ever engaged to represent the Mashangwas? there is character assasination at play here and i have no doubt this journalist is part of the plot.Mashangwa instead of showing evidence that he did not sell the house to Magaya,what he only says is Makandiwa is trying to rope in his alleged nemesis Magaya in to the case.whats interesting is that in the affidavit one is called Mr Makandiwa and Magaya is called Prophet.
    Yet in the opposing affidavit Magaya is noted as one Walter Magaya
    Magaya is at the centre of all this.he is involved in this character assasination.Mashangwa prove that you did not sell the house to the lady and to Magaya simple.all this thing of wealthy followers leaving is neither here nor come we hear they donate to prisons yearly?
    How come we hear they are building schools? how come he paid your legal fees?

  • Gunzmuzik

    Beware of your so called journalist rimwe ronyora nyaya with ruvengo inside

  • truth

    do you have evidence of what you are saying because what the newspapers and social media says are all lies because the journalists are given money to do so. there is no other man of God I know who has integrity and who is upright like Prophet Makandiwa. He is the only true Prophet in zimbabwe if you have another different person bring me the name and I will prove you he is not. I am tired of hearing people who bark here yet they do not have facts. Magaya is paying vana Mashangwe to tarnish the image yaProphet Makandiwa only because iye Magaya ane nyaya yerape iri mumacourts. everyone you are focused on this thing and Magaya is happy because atombowanirwa nguva yekugadzirisa nyaya dzake.

  • ERSpecial

    Prophet Makandiwa is not fake , he is a true Prophet , a rare Prophet , a Jewel given to us .

    • Leeroy Adolfo

      Jesus Christ was the Jewel given to us

  • Zvazviri

    Imi chengetai yenyu mari regai yedu tibirwe. Ko chiri kukurwadzai chii pamari yedu. Haisi yenyu. Tisiyei takadaro because chiri kuitika ndechekuti tichibirwa kudaro haisi kupera saka ticharamba tichibirwa nekuti haisi kupera

  • Twimbo!

    Hameno hako kana wakapusa enough kuenda kumaporofita kunoudzwa a false debt cancellation prophecy. Wakamanikidzwa here tithing your wealth?

  • Ola

    In addition to what Muwoni has said, I will talk about the Prophets that we know!


    Today, allow me to respectfully disagree with the complainants on their claim that prophecies given in church are stage-managed. I also want to point to a few of the several prophecies publicly shared and are available on YouTube for the benefit of all those following this matter and would want to have a feel of the ‘Makandiwas’ that we know.

    I have purposely drawn examples from international prophecies, I want to know just how much objects, big governments, high ranking officials and others can be sweet – talked and bribed to be a part of such huge prophecies? How long would it take to stage-manage such prophecies? How much can UFIC pay to achieve such grand prophecy results? You can google Heathrow prophecy, Margaret Thatcher prophecy, Currency prophecy, Forced Amnesty prophecy, Cyril Ramaphosa prophecy and continue searching for more just to have a feel of what I am saying here!

    Now, I want to challenge the complainants claim.

    Firstly, among the people who have received prophecies, most were first time visitors/others have never set foot on UFIC grounds. Recipients have been equally shocked to receive prophecies concerning things to come/things that happened before and things happening at the time of prophecy. Others have received prophecies about matters only known to them, even their closest family members or spouses never knew about. How then do you send members of the congregation on an assignment such as this? Who will they spy from in this matrix?

    Secondly, I want to refer back to some of the prophecies I highlighted earlier and interrogate you a bit more;

    1. Most of the prophecies hereby referred to are international in nature and some concern attributes that one can never know/predict with 100% accuracy-unless they are a True Prophet, and that Prophet is so very sure about what they are saying. Let’s take the Heathrow prophecy and the Currency prophecy, which both concern objects. Knowing fully well the protocols of our RBZ, how can members of the congregation be sent for such an assignment; to investigate the dynamics of events that are still to happen, including the introduction of a stopgap currency – bond notes, how will people react to it, and other elements that even policy – makers will find it all true when it finally unfolds? How can members of the church bribe an economy? Then for the Heathrow prophecy do I have to say that you need a visa, you need to have been in the UK for longer to actually say this with reasonable accuracy.

    2. Some prophecies concern characters, people. Very high ranking officials to say the least. They have never set their foot on UFIC grounds. How can members of the congregation forge a meeting with these high ranking officials for instance, the late Margaret Thatcher, Cyril Ramaphosa, E.D Mnagagwa, Hillary Clinton and sweet talk them to reveal things that they haven’t yet experienced and don’t even know themselves that such is coming in the future? Even months before they happen?

    3. There are some prophecies that concern minerals and oil reserves. Well, I want you to tell me how can members of the congregation carry out this assignment unless they are also Prophets themselves to talk about existence no-one else has talked about?

    4. For other international prophecies concerning big countries and economies like China, Russia, USA and many other countries how is it possible to sweet talk these governments to stage-manage prophecies that have consequent loss of human life and infrastructure? How much protocol do members of the church have to endure and for how long, while we wait for the manifestations of the prophecies? How much can an African pay or give the international community for such stage – management? How much can airlines be bribed to make aeroplanes part of this stage management? UFIC should have a lot of money to do this! ‘Panoda bag chairo apa’

    5. And other daily prophecies concerning sickness and disease, correction of addictions etc. How can one stage manage advanced cancerous conditions, just how much surgery can one need to create fake cancerous sicknesses and diseases? How much can one be paid to be a part of a stage-managed accident and you loose all your family members and you are the only one coming for healing? How much can you be paid to loose your only leg in that accident? How much can unborn babies be paid to overdue pregnancy conditions? How much please?
    If you are raising a case against someone let their whole record speak for them. How then do the complainants also reconcile all this into their claims?

    It’s very unfortunate that we have failed to see how much we have been saved from various vissisitudes of life by the mere presence of the Prophets….

    Well, I want to conclude by saying that it’s only by the power of the Holy Spirit that such is possible. Our helper, comforter, friend who sticks closer all the time. I thank God for the gift of the Prophets, I don’t want to even know/imagine what could have happened in their absence!

    As long as they live it’s to our benefit!! Long Live Prophets Ruth and Emmanuel!!!