Kufa sues over Makandiwa story

UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s right-hand man Pastor Prime Kufa is suing The Sunday Mail over a story which exposed a fight between the church leader, and businessman Mr Upenyu Mashangwa and his wife Mrs Blessing Mashangwa.

Pastot Kufa wants US$150 000 for alleged defamation after The Sunday Mail on June 11, 2017 published a story titled “Makandiwa vs Millionaire couple”.

The story said the UFIC pastor made an undertaking, on his boss’s behalf, to repay the Mashangwas their tithes and offerings.

The Mashangwas have filed a lawsuit suit at the High Court against Prophet Makandiwa and UFIC.

Documents in our possession indicate Pastor Kufa attended a meeting with the Mashangwas and lawyers on February 13, 2017 and delivered a letter saying the financial contributions would be refunded.

In his suit, Pastor Kufa denies that he made any such undertaking on behalf of UFIC or Prophet Makandiwa. But a letter dated March 14, 2017, written by Mrs Mashangwa’s lawyers, Mutamangira and Associates – who were representing them at that time – says otherwise.

According to documents at hand, UFIC said the Mashangwas should go public with all confidential information relating to Prophet Makandiwa and his church so that he would repay them.

The Mashangwas are suing Prophet Makandiwa for US$6,5 million for alleged “fake miracles, defamation and fraud”.

Prophet Makandiwa is accused of giving a “false prophesy” that the Mashangwas were going to experience a debt cancellation miracle. The couple say they lost a US$700 000 property in Malborough, Harare after heeding this advice from the UFIC leader.

The prophet also allegedly recommended that the Mashangwas hire a de-registered lawyer, Mr Tichawona Mawere, whom he allegedly described as a “brilliant lawyer who never lost a court case”.

Further, the couple claims suffering “mental anguish” after publication of their private affairs on a Facebook page, “The Truth About Prophet Makandiwa”.

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  • b c

    The couple were foolish to think that God would prejudice the person(s) they owed by cancelling the debt and let them get away with whatever they owed. Common sense should tell anyone that any debt has to be repaid. All they paid to Makandiwa and his church whether in the form of tithes or offerings or the so-called seeding should have been directed towards repayment of their debts. However, Makandiwa himself is not innocent. He lied to them like he lies to everyone else about miracles which are fake. He took advantage of desperate people in debt, foolish as they were, by promising them that through his prayers and claimed miracles their debts would be cancelled. No such miracle exists. This alone proves Makandiwa as the liair and fake prophet that he is.

    • fidza

      well said, well said….