‘Kasukuwere unfit to hold office’

Leaders of Zanu-PF affiliate organisations say ruling party National Political Commissar, Cde Saviour Kusukuwere, is sowing seeds of discord in the liberation movement, pointing out that there are many people better qualified to occupy that office.The leaders said the office of political commissar should be held by a tried and tested cadre with liberation war credentials and with a strong appreciation of Zanu-PF’s guiding ideology.At a meeting held with their Patron, President Mugabe, at City Sports Centre in Harare yesterday, former political detainees and restrictees; and widows and widowers of national liberation war heroes, war collaborators and non-combatant cadres, accused Cde Kasukuwere of fanning internal fights.

Presenting a report on “Threats to the Party and the Revolution”, former Zanu-PF Harare Province chair Cde Godwills Masimirembwa said Cde Kasukuwere was exerting an inordinate amount of energy on expelling members instead of mobilising support for the liberation movement.

Cde Masimirembwa also said the imposition of election candidates by the commissar was fuelling divisions.

“External threats such as Western countries and the opposition have now gone on holiday and it is now the internal fights that are set to destroy Zanu-PF from within,” he said.

“Tete vemusangano vari kuonekwa vakabata demo vachitema makavi emusangano. Vana venyu vari kuti hamuna nzira yemusangano. Vana tete vemusangano vazere muno. Varikudzinga nhengo dzemusangano dzisina mhosva. Ndivo vava jury, judge, prosecutor, varindi vemajeri vanoti vakiya vorasa makeys acho. (The commissar is moving around with an axe, hacking away at the core of the party. We are saying the commissar is not upholding the ideals of the party. There are many potential commissars in here. The commissar is firing innocent party members. The commissar is the jury, judge, prosecutor, and prison guard who throws away the keys after locking up the jail.)

“We (also) have an issue of the imposition of candidates before and after elections in wards. An example is of Norton where the Commissariat was at the forefront of imposing candidates. CVs and party regulations are no longer working and this has caused disunity with the party,” Cde Masimerembwa said.

He also took a swipe at party officials who abused social media and used it to fuel internal fights; and urged the leadership to treat the issue as a matter of urgency.

“Some senior party officials continue to abuse the social media to attack other party members and fuelling internal fights. Your Excellency, you have warned us repeatedly against the abuse of social media but tine nhinhi pakati pedu (we have stubborn trouble makers amongst us).

“The matter of social media has become a cancer that is destroying the party from within and its time we take action against that cancer.”

Other thematic reports presented centered on party ideology, war veterans statutory benefits, economic empowerment and the liberation war heritage.

Addressing journalists in Harare last week, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chair Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa also called Cde Kasukuwere’s removal for allegedly to carry out his duties.

Mr Mutsvangwa said: “We respect her (First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s) place as the wife of our President. We have no particular gripe about her regardless of what may have happened in the past. We have got issues with Saviour Kasukuwere and Professor Jonathan Moyo (Secretary for Science and Technology) and we make no apologies on that.

“Those two are what we view as the main culprits in the attempted power grab. We know about the two lads and their abuse of party machinery to hound war veterans out of the party. We know they make statements about (one of) the most revered institutions of Zimbabwe, which is the Army.”

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  • Symbol

    Zvinoonekwa kuti wakakura usina amai, wakashaya anokuranga kuti uzive musiyano pakati pechakanaka nechakaipa.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Fruitful brainstorming in meeting indicates a great possibility of creating unity among ZANU PF cadres. Leaders have listened to various concerns raised and what remains is to sift through the issues and unite the party cadres. The vexed issue of welfare for liberation heroes and all Zimbabweans at large ,depends of how the economy recovers to give welfare opportunities. Sanctions squeeze upon us should not overwhelm us to the extent of getting at each others throats,fingers pointing as preoccupation. Mvura yanaya ngatirimei,to mitigate our economic plight.

  • Ray Mbada

    The question should be asked again and again… how did Kasukuwere got to the post in the first place? …this post of political commissar is the backbone of the party itself and it should be handled by a person who has a lot of experience, a person who has been with the party for a reasonable time and only that person who has the license to drive the big party kwete munhuwo zvake kani kwete-kwete.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    When going up the hill greet and respect all you meet along the way, you will certainly meet some of them on your way down the hill. Mukuru mukuru hanga haigare pfunde,

  • Freedom not just Independence

    What about Robert Mugabe? Is he fit to hold office? I thought that is the biggest topic in Zim, so why run away from it?

  • Dumi Sani

    In Zimbabwe, its not about what we want but what they want

  • Reuben Mukondiwa

    Tyson and Jonso are called the untouchables…kkkkkkkkk..Hamuvagone

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    These people are bidding for team Lacoste so these are factional battles. Is it possible for genuine cadres of the movement to find middle ground?

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Comrades are saying that Mugabe’s pick was unfortunate and should be corrected. Unless you say Napoleon-Mugabe is always right, my dear comrades have a point…at least from a Zanu context!!

    Now turning to you: You appear to be some thoughtless piece of Sh****t