‘I’ve been invited to Heaven … again’
Prophet Talent Madungwe

‘I’ve been invited to Heaven … again’

Wendy Nyakurerwa – Assistant Editor

Christians will tell you there are two criterion to enter Heaven: you must be both righteous and dead.

Not so for Prophet Talent Madungwe of the Exile Desire of All Nations Ministry. He says he is busy preparing to visit Heaven. For the second time.

The prophet claims he entered Heaven for four to five hours early this year at the invitation of an angel who visited him whilst praying and he claims he saw God.

He insists this was not a vision but an actual visit. Prophet Madungwe also claims there are three – and not one – heavens.

Apart from “seeing God seated at his magnificent throne that has a blazing fire beneath it”, the prophet also got “wise counsel from prophets Daniel and Paul” during his visit to paradise.

He says he will be embarking on another journey to Heaven “before the end of June to present people’s requests directly to God”.

“I will be going to heaven for the second time very soon,” he claims.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Religion, he explains his adventures in great detail.

“As l was in my prayer room just after midnight on 1 January, 2016, an angel came and told me that we were about to embark on a journey to Heaven. Naturally, l was nervous but the angel gave me courage and l obliged.

“At that moment my body was changed from the physical form into the heavenly body that is able to disappear and reappear. The angel and l immediately appeared in Heaven.

“Heaven is very far. l could tell when we got there that we had travelled at an incredible speed. There are three heavens with angels manning the gates,” he says as he stares off into space.

“The first Heaven has vast storerooms of snow and hailstorms, things that God send to us when we sin.

The second Heaven is a beautiful city, the new Jerusalem where beautiful houses are being prepared for the righteous as promised by Jesus. About twenty types of minerals are being used to build this beautiful city but gold is the dominant one, the roads are pure gold. The city is almost complete.

“In the third Heaven, there is much activity. I saw the apostles and prophets from the Bible relaxing in paradise. God was in this third Heaven seated on his throne and was surrounded by innumerable thrones of ‘heavenly delegates’ with the 24 elders and angels Michael, Gabriel and the seraphims closer to Him, continuously worshipping Him.”

Prayers are categorised by the delegates and are stored in bowls as they await responses, he says.

The prophet says he fell down as the presence of God overwhelmed him, but “Prophet Daniel and the angel that was guiding me where there to strengthen me”.

According to his description of God, glory was glowing through His entire body and He had white hair and white robes.

“We have sinned and God shall reject the world. I was commissioned to be a prophet of all nations and lead the world when we enter into that season of exile, which is very near now. I will announce to the world when we get to that time. Soon after the short exile, we will have the second coming,” he says without elaborating on his role during the exile.

At around 4am on New Year’s Day, the prophet returned from Heaven, or so he says. But the story does not end there.

“I have been booked by the heavenly delegation to visit Heaven again. On 20 May, 2016, an angel visited and told me that l would make another visit in 40 days. During that visit, we will be honoring God and celebrating the work that l am doing here on Earth,” he proclaims.

Prophet Madungwe founded Exile Desire of All Nations Ministry in Sunningdale, Harare in 2013.

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  • Francis Tawurai Madondo

    This young man is lying. Full stop. He said Jerusalem is almost complete, yet Jesus never said I am going to build a city, but to prepare a place for for believers. Mansions are already there in heaven. He said I saw Daniel, but Daniel was told “But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will rise to your inheritance at the end of the days.” Daniel 12:13 This young man like the rest of them is inspired by the devil.

  • Russel Kally

    The only person who saw God in the Bible was Moses who saw his back only, for God told Him that no one could see Him and live. God in His most happy state descended on mount Sinai He was covered with a Thick cloud the children of Israel panicked. Paul only saw his brightness and became blind. This young man is in dire need of help because he is going to the west and the Bible is going to the east. If he saw God as he claims, He ceases to be God because God [righteousness] and man [born of the sinful nature] cannot meet. Bear in mind that the devil’s modus operandi is to put himself [the devil] in place of God he even “changes himself to be a minister of light. A wolf in a sheep’s clothing”