Iran promotes religious tolerance

The Islamic Republic of Iran in Zimbabwe’s Cultural Centre last week launched an inter-religious course to promote tolerance between Muslims and Christians.

The course is a follow-up to three interfaith dialogues facilitated by the Cultural Centre over the past three years.

According to Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Zimbabwe president, Sheik Ismail Duwa, the course would build relations between Muslims and Christians.

“The objective is to bring people of different faiths, especially the Abrahamic faiths which include Judaism, Christianity and Islam closer because these religions share a lot of common things. This can serve as a platform to avoid any misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts,” Sheik Duwa explained.

He went on: “We want to show the world that in Zimbabwe, Muslims and Christians can live together in peace. As Muslims, we understand the real teachings of The Holy Qur’aan which says we must love one another. This explains that those who engage in terrorism do not understand the Qur’aan.”

He explained that religious ignorance lead to fanaticism and extremism.

“There are differences of opinion but that doesn’t mean we should condemn each other,” Sheikh Duwa said.

“More than 50 students participated at the four day course. After this course, Muslims should understand Christians and vice versa. The students should go out there, teach others what they have understood about either Islam or Christianity; that way we will co-exist.”

Tehillar Christian Network leader Reverend Sam Malunga weighed in: “This is a noble idea that I think must be embraced by all peace loving and progressive Zimbabweans. If we are united, we can live in peace.”

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