I’m ready to come back!

Moses Chunga
MY son Madalitso Chunga turns 17 tomorrow and the development has prompted me to reflect on a number of issues and there’s no better way of expressing my feelings right now than using the most widely read paper, The Sunday Mail.

By the way, Madalitso is not much into football. You see these little kids of today are more into social media than the beautiful game.

But football has remained big a part of my life since 1983 when I signed my first professional contract with Dynamos at the age of 17.

DeMbare paid a staggering fee of $1 500, and yes it was big money those days.

And to see the club I love so much experiencing the worst pains me a lot.

You might all be aware, Keni Mubaiwa quit his post as Dynamos president during the week after an eight-year reign that was pregnant with both highs and lows.

Sorry, I might offend some people here but it is not my intention. If I hurt someone please find a place in your heart to forgive.

Mubaiwa’s resignation is not the solution.

Mubaiwa’s only problem was that he didn’t have the right human resources around him.

Poor Madyira (Mubaiwa’s totem), he had to pay the price at the end of the day.

Dynamos need proper structures, DeMbare need stability, and stability comes from the top.

Right now Dynamos need a solution and we need it fast.

I say “we” because I feel nothing can separate me from my beloved DeMbare.

I know people say Bambo is outspoken and has become unemployable.

My mother (May her soul rest in peace), always told me to stand up for myself when I was growing up in Mufakose high-density suburb.

I am not stubborn, I only speak my mind!

These days we have coaches who have been reduced to beggars.

Coaches have become a joke.

Yes, coaches have been reduced to a bunch of people who only sing for their supper.

Or as they say, they now think through their stomachs.

And yet we deserve respect because we play a crucial role in the development of the game. I think it’s time coaches stood up and be counted.

I have been away from the Premiership dugout for quite sometime now but I feel I have recharged my batteries and I am now looking forward to coming back very soon.

They say it’s stubbornness or outspokenness when Chunga speaks his mind, but in England we have the likes of Mourinho (Jose), the Manchester United coach who I think is both and yet people there appreciate him.

Yes, I am ready to come back in the PSL but I will say it again, I don’t want teams who tarnish my image.

I won the championship under difficult conditions with Gunners in 2009, with some players considered rejects but I managed to put them together.

There are people whose DNA is full of criticism.

They magnify their lies so that people believe in them.

Yes, Bambo is not good at speaking English, but who said English is a measure of one’s knowledge.

They say Bambo hates old players and always picks fights with senior players whenever he joins a new team.

It’s not true.

I like to mix experience and young blood but it’s only that I am biased towards quick and speedy players hence my preference for young players.

I made it at Dynamos at 17 and I believe young players should be given a chance to showcase their talent.

Speed, execution, speed of thought, tactical awareness, mental strengths and technique are the qualities I look for in a player.

It’s a must for today’s player.

I believe young players must receive high quality training hence my intention to set up the Moses Chunga Football Academy.

I am talking to would-be sponsors so I will issue a statement on that one in the near future.

We need to develop players for export, players who can score goals and players who can hold their own in tough conditions. Frankly, we are not developing as a nation football-wise.

Our players lack endurance, they lack speed and they are not physically fit for high-level football.

That’s why most of our players are failing to make it to Europe and their preferred destination has become South Africa. If I look at the Warriors, I see quality among some of the players, but as you know our preparations for assignments are always a shame.

We don’t seem to have a clear roadmap of what we intend to achieve in future.

Space comes at a premium cost at The Sunday Mail so I will talk more if I get another opportunity.

But I would like to apologise to anyone who might have felt offended, as that wasn’t my intention.

I want to thank the Almighty for taking care of me and the community that I work in!


Moses Chunga was speaking to The Sunday Mail reporter Langton Nyakwenda in Harare last Friday.


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