‘Heaven-bound’ Makandiwa insists

CHARISMATIC preacher, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who ignited a fierce debate for saying he had done everything to access Heaven, is standing by his utterances.

In 30-second video clip that went viral in April this year, the United Family International Church (UFIC) leader said he had secured his place in Heaven.

“If you get to Heaven, write this down, and you don’t find me there, you would have gone to hell. That’s not Heaven because everything that should be done for a man to secure his life in eternity, I have done it, I have done it, I have done it,” said Prophet Makandiwa in the video clip.

Many critics came out guns blazing, accusing Prophet Makandiwa of blasphemy.

They pointed out that the Bible says it is only through Jesus Christ that believers can access Heaven.

Some critics quoted Romans 3 verses 23-24 which says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

However, exactly a month after the debate, Prophet Makandiwa has broken his silence.

The UFIC leader told a Tuesday UFIC partners’ service that, “If you want a relationship with God, the requirements are there in the Bible. There is no other Bible to be written again.

“This is the will of God, everything that is required by God for you to enter Heaven is available in His word.

He went on, “I was telling youths on Sunday (service) that somebody was saying your prophet, he did everything to qualify for Heaven. His argument was that he has done everything necessary to enter Heaven.

‘‘Zvinhu zviri so clear, iwe wangonzi huya, ukandishaya waenda kuhell, hazvidi nharo unongoendako tinongomirira wofa towona.

“Why talk about everything when the Bible says you just have to believe in Jesus? I said ask him if believing in Jesus is not everything that is required for Heaven.”

“What then gives someone the right to go on a crusade calling people to God wausina shuwa kuti wakapedzerana naye here? At what point do you have to convert other people to a place that you are not even sure of iwe wacho? What gives you power to bring out speakers and do a crusade? Going where when you do not know yourself?

“Salvation is not a joke, you have to be certain. Believing is everything and once you do that, you have entered Heaven.

“God said you are gods, friends not Christians (John 10:34). Christian was a good name but didn’t come from a good God. What you name you control; we were named by non-believers and that’s why they control us even on the internet.

“Another thing that we do in a wrong way is telling people to bring their lives to God.

‘‘We were dead in our sins, we come to him for life; we were desperate, lost and dead, so we should come so that He gives us His life.

“Therefore, it’s no longer I that live but Him in us. This is what will begin to eat curses in our blood, Kwete kunamata kunege njuga kwekuti unonyora manumbers aunongofungira, woti rega ndinovapa vanoziva vozosanganisa kuti number idzi ndingawinner here, no no.”

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  • ba sta

    i am beginning to love this man……being confident of his righteousness

  • nelson moyo

    And Makandiwa can get you a front seat in heaven if you give him money – the more you give the nearer you will be to the best of the proceedings on the big day. !
    Religion said Sigmund Freud – “Something comparable to a childhood neurosis” and Napoleon Bonaparte said “Excellent stuff for keeping common (povo) people quiet”

  • ba sta

    am beginning to love this man…being confident of his righteousness

  • Independence

    This guy knows what he is talking about, those are Facts. Also ‘Christian’ is a nickname, he is right. Jesus said go and make disciples not Christians. It was a nickname given by non-believers

  • High to heaven

    If you are a Mathematics undegrad and your Professor walks in and says “If i were to take part in this year’s International Maths Olympiad i would not go past the first round” would you continue with his class? If you have any brains it’s an Obvious NO!!! Same with a Church that has a Man of God who publicly expresses that he is not confident of entering the Kingdom Of Heaven. Why would i even consider attending such a church!!! Please, lets not lie to each other it’s the principles prescribed in the bible that will make you enter Heaven. It is all in the manual ukatsaudzira and you die without asking for forgiveness and confessing that Jesus is Lord haupinde. Don’t try to justify anything by saying it is up to God therefore let us sin and await for Judgement day. Life, sin and heaven are not an exam where your wait for an assessment and you get your results after some time. You sin your Judgement is death and Hell. Clear cut and simple. Do good and you make it. This is a very confident Man of God and he is right. Other Preachers should follow suit. Unotyei kutaura kuti wakakodzera kupinda Denga?

  • Majaira

    So what is the truth if the bible is not truth. Huya umbonzwa wega kwete kutaura zvinhu zvemakuhwa

    • Emerald

      Makandiwa is not the bible. What he claims to do is not truth. It is lies. You may be aware of his claim that he resurrected a child who had died. The video is out there. That is absolute crap which confirms him as a liar. He claims he prayed for persons with HIV and they are negative. Another blatant lie. Another video shows him claiming that he is praying for a woman dressed in red alleged to have fibroids and a tummy shrinks live during the prayer. Utter hogwash. Countless examples out there prove your Makandiwa the liar that he is.

  • AAA1980

    Where is the lie here.He brought out the true concept of salvation.He said i believe in Jesus Christ,thats what you need as the bible says.U just don’t like him fullstop

    • Emerald

      I don’t like him because he is a liar and a fake, self-styled prophet who lies to people that he is a real prophet who preforms real miracles when that is all fake. Some day you yourself will see the light and agree with me. Then you will realise all along you were being taken for a ride.

      • AAA1980

        I have seen the light already.Jesus Christ is the light and all who have believed him are lights and we continue to glow in his presence.


    True, The Sunday Mail writer added that stament so as to cause commotion against Pr Makandiwa. What he forgets is that thousands of people listen to Pr Makandiwa live and they actually buy those DVDs. So many know the truth that he never said believe in your own righteousness. He said Believ in Jesus according to John 3:16

  • AAA1980

    have you ever seen women around him…zvimwe isiri field yenyu just leave it