Harare to twin with Addis Ababa

Aerial view of the central business district of Harare
Aerial view of the central business district of Harare

Harare has entered into a twinning arrangement with Addis Ababa, a move that will see Harare exchanging notes with the Ethiopian capital on improving its housing and transport system.
Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Koang T. Dung recently confirmed the development in a statement.
“Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Koang T. Dung confirmed the development when he addressed a special council meeting at Town House” reads the statement which was released on City Council website last week. “Mayor, Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni said he will soon lead a team to Addis Ababa to conclude the twinning arrangement.

“He (Dr Dung) said Addis Ababa built 100 000 housing units in the past five years with another 92 000 nearing completion. “The city plans to build 60 000 more units this year.”

Town Planner Mr Percy Toriro hailed the town twinning arrangement saying it is the new way of learning and developing.
“I think it is a very good idea considering the fact that Addis Ababa is going through swift developmental changes,” he said.

“As an African brother there is a lot we can learn from the city (Addis Ababa).”
Mr Toriro said town twinning is not only made to benefit but also to learn through mistakes done by other cities.

“It (town twinning) is a very good thing in the sense that it enables transferring of technology, but it is also a platform to learn mistakes made by other cities.” Harare city already has active bilateral relations with global cities, such as Nottingham (UK), Cincinnati (Ohio, United States), and Munich (German).

Several other twinning arrangements which include relationships with Sacramento (USA), Cairo (Egypt), Columbus (USA) and Lilongwe (Malawi) are lying inactive and in need of resuscitation. Over 1,2 million people are estimated to be on the Government’s national housing waiting list while the country’s urban areas are reeling in chaotic urban transport system and twining with other cities is expected to improve the situation.

This will also come as good news for the town fathers; this considering Government is already in the process of phasing out urban commuter omnibuses in line with comprehensive plans to decongest major cities as well as creating a modern and affordable transport system.

The twinning deal with Addis Ababa is therefore expected to complement the Government’s efforts, as the capital can model its transport system on Addis Ababa’s mass transit system.

Despite being amongst the ten largest cities in Sub Sahara, Addis Ababa has one of the most fluent transport systems with 550 Anbessa bus service with 100 seat capacity, 9 200 privately owned mini bus taxis with 11 seat capacity and 462 midibus (Higer) with 27 seat capacity.

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  • Gamatox

    How befitting. Indeed we can only exchange notes with a city as dilapidated and dysfunctional as ours. there is comfort in numbers

  • Beastie!

    In Harare nothing is going to be built by government and councils in terms of housing. Government and City councils should realise one very simple thing, for which one does not need a degree to do so. Not every one in the country is going to afford to build a house or has the resources to do so. Government and City Councils SHOULD, BUILD and PROVIDE social housing for rent by those who cannot afford to build or buy their own. Not steal the resources needed to do so! Rent collected from these houses will go a long way into providing a base for the resources councils need for their operations. Its done all over the world and what is happening in Zimbabwe is a ”first” that will never work. Another insane ”progressive” policy is the relaxation of car import laws. (Maybe Addis my assist on this.) This was done in order to allow everyone and anyone to ”drive” a car because someone was delusional to think that such a state of ”Paradiso” can be realised instead of availing reliable public transport to move people around. We used to have world renowned public transport system that was destroyed because ”Smith started it” many years ago. It was sacrificed at the alter of corruption and greed which were allowed to destroy it in favour of ”kuZambia kwatanga tiri hakuna zvese izvi, regai vanhu vaite makombi” and today the chaos is killing people as if there is a war in the country! The cars that ”everyone and anyone” can have are badly maintained and they are rotten. There was no system put in place in support of this stupid relaxation of the import laws to ensure that all these cans on wheels were roadworthy. Where these vehicles are imported, a car that is older than 3 years is subject to annual vehicle inspection and yet here we import cars that are more than 10 years and they are left to trundle at high speed killing innocent people. Just imagine the stupidity of the person who thinks it is a good idea to allow a left handed gonyeti to be driven around in a country that drive on the left hand side of the road. The left handed car was made for those who drive on the right hand side of the road and Stupido in a senior government office authorised it because he got his palms greased. It is this kind of corrupt behaviour devoid of democratic accountability that has ruined the country. This ”Shefu vanoziva zvese” delusional thinking! Ko kana Shefu iri mbavha sezvatirikuona? To move things around, any victim of any accident involving an unroadworthy vehicle should not only sue the owner the vehicle but should also sue the government for allowing this nonsense to go on. This is because the government is voted for on the basis of its claim and promises to ensure public order and protection for its citizens. People do not elect governments to cause chaos in the country!