Gospel legends break language barrier

Religion Writer

LANGUAGE ceased to be a barrier last Saturday as Pastor Charles Charamba and Minister Michael Mahendere collaborated on a Nyanja song during CCAP Voice of Mbare’s live DVD recording show.The unity displayed by the gospel greats as they took turns to lead individual songs while being backed by CCAP Voice of Mbare provided a spectacle rare in the gospel circles.

CCAP Voice of Mbare traces its roots to people of Malawian and Zambian descent.

In putting together the live recording in Harare of “Mukundi”, the group — chaired by Mr William Mikaye — featured top producer McDonald “McDee” Chidavaenzi and Minister Mahendere on the title track.

Then Fishers of Men leader Pr Charamba showed his experience when belting out the track titled “Tudikidiki”; while Baba Machanic Manyeruke showed why he is evergreen with “Ndinoraramira Imi” and “Makanaka”.

The best was saved for the collaboration as each of the gospel greats showcased their unique artistic talents, weaving their voices through the popular “Nganganga” — a 1995 production.

Mr Mikaye said the idea to bring together these artistes was premised on the theme of the show, “Legends Night”.

“If you assess the gospel scene only three — being our group, Pr Charamba and Baba Manyeruke — have existed since 1985. So we realised we could not take our work anywhere especially the hit song ‘Nganganga’ if we continued to sing it by ourselves.

“That’s why we brought in Pr Charamba and Minister Mahendere. And though Minister Mahendere is young, his voice is out of this world,” Mr Mikaye said.

To date, CCAP Voice of Mbare has produced nine albums: “Mukundi”, “Flashback” (2015), “Kune Musha” (2014), “Mbiri Kuna Mwari” (2010), “Jesu Ndiye Wangu” (2006), “Baba Vedu” (2004), “Alemekezeke” (2002), “Ishe Makanaka” (1998) and “Nganganga” (1996).

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