Gays, lesbians mentally sick: Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Jealousy Mawarire
United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has described gays and lesbians as mentally sick while his spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufakunesu, believes the church’s forthcoming Easter function dubbed “Judgement Night 2” is a perfect setting for these “mentally sick” people to receive salvation.

Speaking during a church service recently, Prophet Makandiwa argued that homosexuals are people who are mentally deranged whom God has surrendered to their malfunctioning minds.

“God never thought anyone could do what they are doing. Men trying to be women, women trying to be men, trying to run away from the natural way of things, that’s a result of a reprobate mind,” he said, adding that it is amazing some of these mentally sick people are politicians, billionaires and big businesspeople whose influence often serves as some smokescreen to cover their mental sickness.

“What amazes me is that some of these people are billionaires. Some of these people with reprobate minds are in political positions. Now they are passing laws to support homosexuality, defending their reprobate minds. You can’t even advise them against it, they can even arrest you for that,” fumed Prophet Makandiwa.

He added that he has always wondered how people with these sick minds ended up very influential, with lots of money, and, at times, political power.

“How can someone get lots of money and yet he has a reprobate mind?” he asked rhetorically, before explaining that this was the strategy of the devil to cover this madness from the generality of the public and make it difficult for those affected to realise they are sick and, therefore, need some remedy for the sickness.

“Most people don’t believe such homosexuals (those with money, power and influence) are out of their minds because they have more money than you.

“Money is there to make them appear like they are normal, they are not normal,” he explained to some deafening cheers from his congregants.

Prophet Makandiwa’s dig at homosexuals was based on two scriptures he had given, Romans 1:26-28 and Genesis 18:21.

Romans 1:26-28 explains that “Because of this (homosexuality) God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for other men…so God gave them over to a reprobate mind so that they do what ought not be done.”

Prophet Makandiwa explained that homosexuals’ minds are minds that have gone off-rails and are far away from the Creator’s design and template.

“Their minds are no longer according to the design of God. What is causing men to marry other men is not because they have some natural desires towards other men in their blood. It is because of the condition of their minds. Their minds are rejects,” he argued, adding that homosexuality is one sin that God never anticipated human beings could commit.

Prophet Makandiwa said in Genesis 18:21, after God had received a report on homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah, He was still not convinced such an unnatural thing could happen hence he had to come down to check for himself.

“In this case God did not even trust to send angels.
“God himself who is all-knowing and omnipresent had to come down to earth to check whether these reports on homosexuality (in Sodom and Gomorrah) were true,” argued Prophet Makandiwa, adding that this alone should make people see the gravity of sin contained in homosexuality.

Commenting on the same issue, Pastor Kufakunesu said for a long time Men of God have been harping on the need for healing of physical bodies of their congregates without addressing mental depravity which is now rampant in society.

“The Man of God Prophet Makandiwa’s dig on homosexuality is an on-going crusade he has launched against mental sicknesses that affect the human race.

“If you have been following his sermons of late, he is emphasising deliverance of the mind and for sure such kinds of mental sicknesses like homosexuality are the ones he will be addressing during Judgement Night 2.”

Pastor Kufakunesu argued that these gay people need the help of those who are not homosexual to seek deliverance since, on their own, they cannot.

“You might wonder why I am urging relatives to bring such people for deliverance, it’s because, in their state of mental sickness, these gay people will never realise they are sick and therefore need deliverance,” he explained.

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  • dumie

    Spiritual sickness yes, mental sickness is result of spiritual sickness. You missed the point ” prophet”.

  • Grace Mutano

    That’s a hit! God save our nation from such madness. I agree with this man 100%. I don’t believe in Christianity but I have to believe what he said and how his Bible supports him, pasi nengochani!

  • eliah

    Whilst i differ with these new Money Pastors at least on this one he got it right and many more should speak like this probably we will get rid of this menace in our society

  • Kunta Kinte Dread

    For once I do agree with the “man of God”. I do believe homosexuality is mental derangement. Chokwadi kutarisa mumwe murume uchitomurongera bonde? Unenge uri munhui? Regai Mwari vakauya kuzozvionera ku Sodom ne Gomorrah. Zvimotoda munamato wakasimba pamwe nekutsanyira hama dzedu idzi.

  • Solution

    This is a must get sermon from the prophet of God prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa….We need such man of God who preach the truth without fear or favour and all the cancdr in our society will go. I love this servant of the most high God.

    Prophet Makandiwa your sermons are spot-on and in season, God bless you and continue to use you mightly.

    • spiralx

      If all you are going to do is parrot and mimic some ancient commentators, who really knew nothing about the subject, you’re really not bringing anything to the current discussion that can be practically useful.

  • Muzukuru

    True, on reprobate mind.The god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the world.

  • ggg

    Revai henyu Prophet! See what they have done to Uganda after the passing of the law against these kind of people! Malawi tried it and you know what happened to their economy.

    check some of the British politicians and yu will see how many are homos! you will be amazed! disgusting, worse than dogs and pigs!

    iri ijombo muziso raSatan chairo! rine mavhu!

    • spiralx

      Oh please. Take a pill.

      • Mai Faith

        Takubata.. enda unoburitswa dimoni, mweya wetsvina unoita kuti udanane ne mumwe murume

        • Dopiro

          You shall search and search, and find nothing in that Church except fantasies. One day you shall sit under a tree, and ask yourself, ko ndirikuitei. Thats when your life shall turn a new corner.

  • YOWE78

    Thank you Makandiwa!!! Having the guts to say the truth has made me admire you.all the other churches are shying away from this

    • spiralx

      It’s not the truth – it’s a take on something someone said 2000 years ago. We know a lot more now than we did, about sexual orientation. Yet he hasn’t used any of that new knowledge at all.

      • Mai Faith

        Kasi uri ngochani? how can you justify zvinhu zvakaora. Its clear that nginchani especially ku west vane mri yakawanda ne ma lobby groups, ndosaka vachiwanisa kupasisa mutemo.
        Hatifanire kunyarara, Prophet, pamberi nechokwadi. Haungati nama nama ne kushure kwemnhunu
        kana vaskikana vacho…. vachishandisa plastic

  • spiralx

    Disappointing to see a self-styled “prophet” getting major newspaper space for simply repeating something said millenia ago, in a very different cultural milieu. We have a lot more scientific knowledge on the subject today, yet all I hear from the ruling regime and people like this “prophet” is a mindless repeat of their personal belief system. And quite a lot of hate, which is not what true Christianity is about. Not really helpful.

    • YOWE78

      where is the hate??? Are you saying that homosexuality is not a sin? Either you believe in christianity or you dont you want the world to accept what is sinful as right and claim that that is what christianity is about. you are a joke my friend


      do not touch my annointed, u r inviting a curse upon your life

      • Dopiro

        We are really sick and tired of this verse which you misquote to esacpe public scrutiny and try to intimidate people. Why do you Makandiwans think you have the monopoly to bless and curse people. NDIMI MWARI HERE? In the first place your so called annointed one is preaching OFF TOPIC. Sin is NEVER a mental issue but a spiritual one. Read Like 11:26 and you will learn how spirits enter people, and masters them spiritually.Salvation happens in the Spirit and not in your mental faculties. I guess you will tell me not to say anything because I will be cursed, since thats the only answer put in your heads! PS Its not a coincidence that Your Prophet now preaches aboutgays and lesbians soon after going to bed with ZANU over the so called religeous tourism! He is a very convenient mouthpiece of people, and not God. Next time please remind him that the God who hates homosexuality, actually loves gays and Lesbians and died for them too!

    • Dereck

      SPIRALx … Check the meaning (synonyms) of SPIRAL. That system to be the state of your mind. You need to have Prophet Makandiwa pray for you.

      • babawayne

        spiralx, what scientific knowledge about being gay do u possess? it still doesn’t make it right, u know. someday, someone will say that driving in the opposite direction of a one way street will save you fuel, based on a whole lot of scientific nonsense, that still wont make it right. i have a suggestion for you, though, iwe spiralx. how about you print a t-shirt that boldly declares that you love sticking it up the chocolate highway or getting it stuck up your chocklit highway, however you freaks do it, then walk your gay behind up first street, proudly. am sure you will be delivered from your sexual preferences in the most dramatic of fashions ipapo ipapo. hameno zvako.

  • Mafirakureva

    ndipo pega pandawirirana naMakandiwa chete apa