GAM 2017: Protection from Violence, Exploitation against children

The acronym ‘GAM’ stands for Global Action Month. GAM was founded in 2014 by children and youth of the Terre des Hommes international youth Network on the Anniversary of UN Children’s rights convention.

Children and youth worldwide claim their rights in the Global Action month.

Last year all over the world there were 164 actions informing more than 40.000 people about their right of a healthy environment. In 2017, the activities of children and youth are focusing on the protection from exploitation and violence.hildren and youth worldwide claim their rights in the Global Action month.

Worldwide, there are more than 85 million children, who have to work daily under dangerous and exploitative conditions.

Terre des Hommes protects children from slavery and exploitation and cares for the victims of war, violence and abuse. The aim is to create safe spaces from exploitation and violence, where children and young people find protection and safety so they can stand their ground.

Don’t be left out, Join the Citizen Child Youth Media Project as we embark on this great journey!!!Take action, Speak Out. Memeza!!!

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