Divine Appointments: Much ado about ‘holy water’

Anointing water and anointing oil are among the latest mediums used by men and women of God to heal the sick, deliver people from demonic spirits and bless them.

Mega congregations like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church and Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries have been in the news for distributing bottled anointing oil to believers.

On August 31, Anointed Ministers Ministries International – headed by Apostle Freshman Roger Gwasira – will be distributing 10 000 bottles of free anointing water at the Mbare Netball Complex in Harare. Tendai Manzvanzvike (TM) spoke to Apostle Gwasira (FG) to get an understanding of why anointing oil and water have become so “fashionable” and how these relate to the Bible.

TM: What is the biblical significance of anointing water?

FG: Water was used in various ways in the Bible, in order for God to achieve His desires. From Genesis 1:1-2, God was functioning with water. We are told that “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”.

Anything that is exposed to or engulfed in the Spirit of God has the ability to perform as God or to manifest Godliness. It thus has the capacity and capability to implement the humanly impossible, hence it is anointed.

After the Spirit of God charged and stirred the waters, creation commenced and was birthed out of the waters. We see this in the book of Genesis 1:3 onwards and confirmed in 2 Peter 3:5.

In 2 Kings 5:14, Naaman the Syrian army general was cleansed of leprosy by dipping himself in the waters of the River Jordan. This water became anointed as per instruction issued by the anointed man of God Elisha.

Healings used to take place in the Pool of Bethesda in John 5:2-3, due to the water being anointed and having the capability to do so. The Lord Jesus Christ also sent a man born blind to perfect his healing and regain his sight by washing in the Pool of Siloam. As a result the man came seeing (John 9:1-7).

TM: But the general notion is that we now live in a dispensation of grace, so why do we need anointing water or anointing oil?

FG: In this dispensation of grace, Jesus is pouring out His favour and divine influence in many ways. He shows us His grace by availing and revealing His unlimited power and ability to transfer His anointing through water and oil, to name but a few that are common to man. Subsequently whatever God touches becomes anointed. Therefore, water or oil cannot be an exception. Anointed water remains one of the things we need in order to experience the touch of God in our lives.

TM: When did you start using anointing water and with what results?

FG: I’ve been using anointed water for over 10 years and miracles, healings, deliverance were the result in the lives of those who consumed it.

Breech pregnancies have been repositioned instantly resulting in safe baby deliveries; the blind have received their sight; the deaf hearing; HIV and Aids being cured; demonic forces confessing and being loosed from people; court cases being ruled in favour of those that drank the anointing water; businesses that were taking a nose dive attracting favour and blessed to flourishing; jobs and promotions being received; restoration of marriages; people excelling in academic exams; people involved in accidents escaping unharmed; cancers being healed and even bullets and glass particles miraculously removed from the bodies of those involved in road accidents. Testimonies of God’s grace have been overwhelming.

TM: You have a special service where you will be distributing anointing water . . .

FG: On August 31, we will be giving out anointed water for free in thousands at Mbare Netball Stadium from 8am to 1pm, under the theme “Anointed Water Day 3 . . . Drinking your Solution”.

Let us remember that Earth is full of questions, (problems that lead to human sorrows), while heaven is the home of answers, which are solutions to those who have encountered problems.

So, that availed grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to connect and access heaven through the medium of anointed water in order to provide solutions to human calamities.

As we give anointed water to the people, following the instruction of God the Father, those that partake will testify to the glory of God. By giving anointed water for free in thousands, we want to access the limitless supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the people of Zimbabwe: to express God’s grace and love on them, through the anointed water, to dissolve their frustrations, bring restoration, to avail free healing and pave way for a better life for them.

It is the desire of our heavenly Father as written in Matthew 10:8 to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

TM: Are you competing with other men of God and when does the teaching the Word take place?

FG: As men Of God, we serve one Master of the same Kingdom. We are all running our individual race in our own tracks, so there is no competition. It’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, and we desire to keep Him at centre stage of our humble services.

Just as the Lord Jesus would taught the word and confirmed it with the practical aspect, that’s how we operate in Assigned Ministers Ministries International.

We teach the Word of God extensively and manifest it by the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Romans 8:14 says: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

Let us not limit God’s aptitude and will to express Himself in our lives, as He says in Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”

Our inability to fathom Him and His ways fully, because the knowledge about Him is infinite doesn’t rule out His presence in the matter. God is not human, He is Spirit and for that reason He is not governed by any law, form or understanding. As Matthew 19:26 highlights, “ . . . With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” When God is involved one’s story will change. Let the Word of God be our road map.

TM: And, who is Apostle Gwasira?

FG: Apostle Gwasira comes from a firm Christian foundation. I was born to an SDA pastor, Benjamin Gwasira, and a devout Christian mother, Dorcas. My first encounter with the Living Word of God was at the age of 10. I was reading my father’s Bible and as I reached Luke 10:2, the words supernaturally became alive to me and they entered my heart. I spontaneously got engaged in moments of prayer and begun sobbing uncontrollably and found myself uttering “make me one of the labourers Lord”.

After completing school, while in the wilderness, during a prayer of dedication, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in a trance. An authoritative voice called out my name thrice and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” I recognised the voice to be God’s and responded, “I need a job.” God informed me, amongst other things, “I have given you a job that pleases me!”

In the midst of another intercession God revealed Himself once more. This time, a huge, aged hand emerged through the sky cracking it open and a writing appeared in the heaven: “ASSIGNED MINISTERS! Go forth for I am with you, I have made you an apostle and I will confirm my Word that you preach with apostolic signs and wonders!”

That was the defining moment that transformed a gospel zealous, Jesus adoring teenage boy to a man of God used tremendously by God as a magnet of miracles, signs and wonders as in Mark 16:20.

It also marked the birth of the Assigned Ministers Ministries International Church, which made its debut in Botswana as per divine instruction from the Lord. My love and compassion for humanity fuelled this mission as a deliverance minister in the field for over 10 years.

Events calendar

Event: Moment of Champions Conference – Victory Power International Ministries

Dates: August 18 to 22

Venue: Limbani Shops, Zengeza 5, Chitungwiza

Guest Speakers: Apostle C Jonas

Hosts: Bishop Believe and Pastor Mitchel Paradise

Contact: [email protected]; +263 775012333


Event: Restoration of All Nations Church of God – Official Launch

Dates: August 31

Venue: Mt Hampden (near clinic)

Time: 9am to 4pm

Host: Apostle U Maseko

Contact: +263 782110867; +263 773162938


Event: Charismatic Conference 4 – AFM Zimbabwe Springvale Assembly

Dates: September 15 to 21

Venue: Prophetic Arena Grounds (near Ruwa Shopping Centre)

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Guest Speakers: Pastor E Chirombe (SA); Bishop B Manjoro

Host: Rev Oliver Makomo

Contact: [email protected]


Please email forthcoming events to [email protected] by mid-day Tuesday.

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    on the issue of Holy water and oil alluded by My dear apostle in this article is a cause to realign with the scripture as the canon. our exegesis needs to be carefully checked and the error of not applying the CAP theory in theology which is the Clarity of thought, the accuracy of doctrine and the precision of interpretation. the modern error could lead us to more disaster and theological abuses in relation to our interpretation of scripture which has become eisogetical. the error of forcing the scriputure to support whatever we want to achieve is rampant am not sure if i could question the goals of each move by the church today as to be glorifying Christ or objects. i think it is an open mockery to say “for God to achieve creation it was because of the water”. the brooding of the spirit upon the water could not be mistaken for an other eronous interpretation as it was the state that was there. it does not mean if i give birth to a child when there was a load shed , for any other birth to take place does not necessary call for me to have a load shedding, i can still give birth.

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