EXCLUSIVE: On the scene, When Miss Zimbabwe was dethroned

Dethroned Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote - Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda
Dethroned Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote – Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

Leisure Editor writes…

THE atmosphere looked relaxed and all seemed well. I arrived at the Miss Zimbabwe Trust offices together with photographer Kudakwashe Hunda and found Emily Tatanga Kachote seated in another room looking calm and collected. The beauty had not yet been told why she had been called to the offices and so occasionally she would chat on her phone. She clearly was at ease.

We sat at the reception for about two hours and because the Trust had shown trust in us by giving us the story exclusively, we sat like good guests without showing any impatience. We could smell a good story coming and so we were ready to wait for whatever time for this scoop.

About 15 minutes before the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Mrs Marry Chiwenga arrived, the Trust’s spokesperson Tendai Chirau got the ball rolling. Chirau called us to one room and in a true Press conference format, except that it was only The Sunday Mail Leisure crew that was in attendance, he started reading the statement announcing the dethronement of Kachote.

All hell broke loose! Kachote was not going down without a fight and there was a heated exchange of hard words between the beauty and the spokesperson. The calm and collected beauty was gone. With tears filling her eyes and speaking in a voice showing anger, Kachote fought back saying all manner of things that she thought could save her. For a few minutes it seemed as if the situation was out of control. Kachote was spitting venom and Chirau tried to calm things down to no avail.

In the midst of the drama, a composed Mrs Chiwenga walked into the room but for Kachote this was no time for protocol. She continued her tirade and it seemed as if no one and nothing was going to calm her down. But once, Mrs Chiwenga took her seat, she took control of proceedings with an iron fist. Tempers were flaring but Mrs Chiwenga kept her cool as she, step by step, flattened Kachote’s arguments. In no time, a defeated and dejected Kachote accepted her fate.

It all unfolded before our shocked eyes. A bemused Chirau, a ragging Kachote and a composed Mrs Chiwenga. It’s the stuff reserved only for a newspaper of record!

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  • Kundai

    Naturally Zim Trust people were calm and collected because they were the ones issuing venom and had invited you so they needed the glory. On the other hand Emily was not expecting the public humiliation. I don’t see why you Sunday Mail people stoop so low to be part of such drama that can potentially ruin a person like this. Emily has never been popular and hasn’t received any much glory and appreciation; but if this is your way of shaming and putting the last nail on the humiliation coffin; shame on all of you. Give the young lady a break, so many people have skeletons, it’s just that they are not displayed in the public domain. Shame on you, how do you all sleep at night? Why the drama with Marry on the helm, we never had such with Kiki and team.

  • Godknows Zvekare

    The whole thing makes one uneasy. Why did the Trust invite one newspaper before telling Kachote that she had been dethroned? Is that respecting Kachote or treating her with disdain? Why did they ambush her, inviting her and the paper but telling the paper in advance and keeping her in the dark? Where is the innocent till proved guilty concept? Might she not have brought her legal rep or mentor? Why did the Trust invite only one newspaper when we have plenty in the country? Has the beauty pageant gone political that it becomes suspicious of other papers and adopt its own official paper? And for agreeing to be used in this manner is not the newspaper being trivialised? Does this not compromise the veracity of what happened? Chiwenga flattened Kachote’s arguments. What arguments are these and why are they not made public, if we are to judge on our own? And how were the arguments flattened? Why are the arguments treated so secretively? She might be the world’s most naïve or the world’s most glorious nudist but she is a human being who deserves respect. She might be what she is but she is a girl who might have got bamboozled with the fast and sophisticated lanes of beauty pageantry, where the stakes can be high, terrifying and deadly and where the ordinary and simple girl must be protected instead of being bashed. All parties in this saga must absolve themselves in order to salvage some respect by becoming a little economical with the truth.

  • musa

    & that tickles you? shame on you and your chiwenga girl

  • Emru Kunanti

    Saka iwe reporter ndoo zvawakatomukira kuseni kutogeza kuti ndakuenda kubasa izvozvi. Why do Zimbabweans enjoy pulling each other down…


    Vamwe vanhu muno shamisa…when Emily was enthroned, you took to social media and condemned her as “ugly ” and not worthy to be Miss Zim. Now that she has been enthroned, you pretend to sympathise with her…SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY!!