Diet, arts, Tr-pupil ratio important. . . Kids are Kids centre nurturing the future

Sharon Munjenjema
Kids are Kids Play and Learning Centre, located in Southlea Park, behind Niceday Shops, has a presence which shines from a distance.

The centre’s administration boasts of the perfect environment for learning from a low teacher-pupil ratio to a balanced diet.

“We currently have 45 pupils, 23 girls and 22 boys enrolled at the school. We have three classes namely the Baby Class, ECD (a) and ECD (b). The Baby Class so far has 11 pupils of ages 6 to 30 months, ECD (a) (3 to 4years) has 19 pupils and ECD (b) (5 to 6years) has 15 students,” said the ever-smiling head of the centre, Ms Wadzanai Gurukura.

Kids are Kids Play and Learning Centre is the brainchild of Ms Loretta Wanyanya, who acts as the director and is ably assisted by a team of qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff.

“We have a 1:20 teacher/pupil ratio which we maintain all the time because we want to make sure that every child gets enough attention. As the name says, we want to make sure that the kids play and learn and that can only happen if we have a 1:20 teacher/pupil ratio. There should be that personal and motherly touch so as to make this centre, welcoming to the kids.

“These kids are the kings and queens here. We are here because of them and so we should make sure they are happy all the time. They should learn and play in a friendly environment,” said Ms Gurukura.

She said in order to keep abreast with current trends concerning early childhood development, the staff at the centre regularly attends workshops co-ordinated by Kindercare, an association run by Dr Faith Nyamukapa which focuses of pre-schools administration and development.

“We offer an array of subjects including mathematics, science, physical education, ICT, languages, visual, expressive and performing arts, heritage studies as well as guidance and counselling among others.

KIDS ARE KIDS . . . The centre believes arts are important in the education curriculum and must be nurtured from an early age
KIDS ARE KIDS . . . The centre believes arts are important in the education curriculum and must be nurtured from an early age

The syllabus is meant to enhance body co-ordination, skills and increase social awareness.

“Professionals are often hired to come and teach traditional and contemporary dance along with musical instruments. Apart from educational tours, the school holds culture days where the children gather more knowledge about what they learn in heritage studies and other areas,” said Ms Gurukura.

She added: “At Kids are Kids Play and Learning Centre, we commit to nurturing healthy children, an element we adhere to in our diet. Regarding our diet, we don’t compromise. These little kings and queens eat a variety of healthy and balanced meals four times a day. Every morning, we serve them a cereal.

“The children’s mid-morning meal comprises of tea or hot chocolate with a strictly healthy lunch box meal brought from home. During lunch, sadza, rice, macaroni, potatoes are served alternately with a variety of meat through-out the week. Late afternoon, the children snack on fruits in season and other finger foods.”

Looks like the little kings and queens are being spoiled here. Why not? They deserve all the pampering because they are the future.

The centre caters for all kids and parents can make special arrangements with the school for any extras.

“We also have a school bus to ferry these little kings and queens to and from school. The idea is to make them smile to and from school. In the process we also want them to bond. You should see their broad and honest smiles when they come to school.

We are blessed by God to have these little kings and queens at Kids are Kids Play and Learn Centre,” said Ms Gurukura.

“Bring in your child today, tomorrow they won’t be the same” is the motto that inspires and drives all operations at Kids are Kids Play and Learning Centre.

The colourful centre opened its doors on the 10th of January this year and has registered significant growth since then.

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