Church foretells ED victory

Levi Mukarati and Tendai Mugabe in Marange
The Johane Marange Apostolic Church yesterday prophesied that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 polls was not only certain, but guaranteed.

The prophecy was announced at the Mafararikwa Shrine in Bocha, Marange, where more than 250 000 members of the church gathered for the annual Passover Feast.

President Mnangagwa was invited by the church’s leader, Mutumwa Noah Taguta, to attend the 17-day event that ends on Tuesday.

Thousands of congregants from several African countries also turned up for the Passover event.

More than six evangelists who ministered during a church service held before the Passover said President Mnangagwa would romp to victory with ease.

In his remarks, President Mnangagwa welcomed the prophecy and said his Government would do everything possible to ensure freedom of worship in the country.

“I want to thank Baba Mutumwa Taguta. He has extended his benevolence to me and shown me the way,” he said.

“He said, my son, this is the correct path to follow and if I fail, that will be my own fault. As the leader of the country, I preach day and night the gospel of peace and unity.

“Yes, we are approaching elections and you have assured me victory. What God has written with his hand is final. My victory has been prophesied here and nothing is going to stand in the way of that prophecy. I thank you all for that.”

President Mnangagwa reiterated his message of peace and unity ahead of the polls.

He said peace was important for the development of the country.

“It is my hope and hope of the new Government that we should have peace and unity in our country,” he said.


“God cherishes to see his people united and working together in harmony.

“We want peace among Christians, we want peace among Zimbabweans for our country to develop.

“Receiving blessings from God is easy if you are united. The last time that I met Mutumwa Taguta he requested if Government can provide the church with a farm to do projects and we have honoured that request.

“They also requested tractors and I said as Government we will do our best depending on the availability of funds. You also requested that we sink boreholes here for people to have safe drinking water and I am sure work is underway to address that.

“We do that as Government because the people that we lead are from the church. Church has a role to prepare for our future life.

“Everything that we do as human beings will come to an end, but the word of God that you preach will be there forever.”

President Mnangagwa said members of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church were blessed to have a leader like Mutumwa Taguta.

He said he was enchanted by the huge turnout at the shrine, where hundreds of thousands of congregants volunteered to attend.

“When we do our political meetings, we do door-to-door mobilisation,” he said.

“What I have seen here is amazing and it shows us the power of God.

“Here, we don’t say your victory is certain, but that your victory is guaranteed,” he said.

“This is a holy place and you need not to fear anything. What you only need to have is faith. Clothes that are donned today are not ordinary. The hand of Mutumwa Noah that blessed you today is not also ordinary.”

Other evangelists said former president Mugabe failed to follow instructions he got from Mutumwa Noah and that marked his downfall.

Mr Mugabe, they said, surrendered his power to his wife Mrs Grace Mugabe – a move that was against Mutumwa Noah’s instructions.

The gathering was also attended by Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Mrs Monica Mutsvangwa and Zanu-PF members who included Manicaland chair Cde Mike Madiro and Buhera North legislator Cde William Mutomba.


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  • Chitova62

    Corr blimey; a whopping 250 000 congregants in attendance & all prophesying an ED landslide; then victory is certain for the new dispensation😩! Could this certainly be prophecy or is it just a prediction..a prophecy is just a tool to warn us to be prepared for the unexpected eventualities. How far can we put our future in the hands of these holy prophets -it’s certainly not looooooong before we can test their accuracies or fallacies 😉!?

  • wil

    was madzimai ras in attendence

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    This is pure hogwash. How a national paper is allowed to write this childish tosh only reinforces what we already know: that this country has gone to the dogs. It’s embarassing for Groen men to be reduced to writing stupid stuff like this. Really embarrassing.

    • Mhofu Chaiyo

      But what is stupid about this report, really!?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The positive and Holy encounter between our current and incoming Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of Zimbabwe Defense Forces,speaks volume of what we can expect after 30 July, 2018. God ordains those who rule , as the Bible declares. It therefore stands that no one should dream against God`s divine design for Cde Mnangagwa to lead us for the next decade, constitutionally speaking. The persistent negative barking from MDCT Alliance appears to be anchored of futile attempts to poo poo what is definite and obvious to all who respect and fear God. We pray for continued peace in our nation. We pray for our political leadership across the political divide to support God`s hand design after the elections. We thank God for the current peace in our country. We particularly pray for the MDCT Alliance leader to eschew threatening violence when his Alliance loses elections on 30 July. We pray for our Defence Forces to defend our country from any violence. Above all only God gives what we will enjoy after the coming elections. We pray for our economic recovery under our new leadership. We pray for renewed positive relations with other countries to boost our economy. We pray for inspiration from God to utilize our national resources without corruption. Amen.

  • Simango

    let me tell you kuti dont take politics to church.You will fall.See what Grace did.She called all the churches to the ground and certain prophecies were made by the same people where DE is going. The next week Grace was on her heels running like Jezebel when Jehu was after her. So becarefull ED.

  • TC

    Mudzidzi Wimbo akaporofita 1957 kuti nyika ichazotongwa nemunhu ane zita rinonzi Gabriel. Akazoti iye Gabriel achatonga kusvika achembera agobviswa nechisimba nevamwe vake. Asi vachamubvisa vakatonga kwe9 months vanenge vatotonga chaizvo nekuti havana zodzo. Ipapo mweya wangu uchafamba rwendo uye kana ndafa zivai kuti nyika yave kutongwa nemunhu wechidiki ari mwanana chaiye

  • Takesure Zvazviri

    ED has my vote

  • tinei ganyani

    Kuma elections tave kungoenda kunozadzikisa hedu semutemo asi murume anonzi ED arikubata basa rekugadzirisa economy for sure saka hazvicahdi kana ma porofita kutaura izvi nekuti zvave pachena

  • Nutty Dread

    We are sick and tired please

  • Aljezeera-Alshabab

    What kind of church leader who was silent when his onnointed Bob and his VP ed were trashing the country? This Taguta guy is really full (kuguta). He’s only remembered by Zanu Pf once in 5 years. A true man of God rebukes leaders when do wrong things.

    The 250 000 gathered at Mafararikwa for this July Pasika (Passover) come from the whole country and there is no guarantee that they will even vote in their respective constituencies.

  • Mhofu

    Lol…they dont learn do they? Last time they tried these predictions it ended badly.Hope that same curse is not spread to this party this time

  • Django Django

    we bless GOD with the word of prophecy and we will rally behind ED

  • sankara

    separating the role and influence of religion in our politics is just like inviting the devil to preach salvation to us. Chamisa said zvotoda maporofita makuru anodarika VaMakandiwa forgeting that if they come together they are strong and no one can push prophets away cause they are spiritual territorial commanders and they are heavenly defended. we will vote foe ED as UFIC people

  • dzimbabwe

    we respect the words of GOD but VAMAGAYA vakutiiwo nenyaya iyi??????

    • Mhofu Chaiyo

      VaMagaya and these Mapostori ekwaMarange vanongovukura! We do not need a prophecy to see where things are going in this election. ED and Zanu Pf will win because there is no real opposition!

  • apostle TJ

    were there is no vision to run with people will perish. we will run with this vision MAN OF GOD. may the spiritual reality manifest in a sound way no to emotional vision. We pray for result oriented things

  • murenga

    Ed is the guaranteed presidential candidate to win this general election u destined fr goodness. Keep shinning baba

  • Flame

    Ed agara akutohwina koz of his organized new and precious new dispensation

  • Kokerai chisvo

    ZANU PF victory is certain lets vote fr oir beloved candidate baba mnangagwa he is the best #30julymovement

  • April taffie

    Chero dai prophesy isina kuitiwa ED is already working hard to win this election thumps up fr ED

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    This Church is simply telling us what we all know – ED and Zanu Pf will win with ease because of MDC’s childish antics that have denied us a chance to witness a real political battle!

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Then mozodii kana mahwinha? Haven’t we been waiting 38yrs now for you to come through? Fools

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Hanzi Jesus was a carpenter. Peter was a fisherman, etc. If your prophet has no day job then he’s a thief.