Chimurenga Chronicles

The column, Chronicles from the Second Chimurenga, will be back in your favourite Sunday paper on August 12, 2018. We want to take this opportunity to thank all former freedom fighters who have given us invaluable narratives from the liberation struggle and all ardent readers of this column who have shown how thirsty Zimbabweans are to know the history of their country.
As usual brace yourselves for more fascinating and intriguing accounts from the Second Chimurenga. — Editor

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  • Nutty Dread

    Please please mr huni nyaya dze chimurenga ngadzidzoke personally ive learnt a lot from them and was an adernt follower of that column and if im not mistaken nyaya ya cde chemist haisati yapera or maybe i missed an article but i last read wen he was in court in Zambia. As an addition if it were possible try to put strategical warfare information for example how a guerrilla unit selected missions how they deployed themselves in terms of an operation the small details of the nicknames of their weapons how they went and acted in battle strategy i.e how they ambushed targets how they tactically retreated in a battle their notoriety and also include the bounty on their heads. Otherwise thank you for this column i believe it clearly shows the fighting of the war and not the political side. Clearly showing how the bushwar was fought at close qauters in a tym were the person who shot first gained the upper Hand or revealed his position to the enemy

  • Ndimande18

    also thank you for being objective and covering ZIPRA, Nkomo and ZANU in good light. i saw some bia but not too much. thank you.