Chidavaenzi wants a hat-trick in 2018

With 2017 now in the past, literary enthusiasts are already looking forward to the publications that will be coming out this year.

While last year was a bit disappointing in the publishing sector, many stakeholders are optimistic that things will change for the better in 2018.

Already, there are signs that writers are willing to work harder with several already promising to publish various works this year.

Award-winning writer Phillip Chidavaenzi has already lined up two Christian educational texts and a fictional piece. The Christian works are titled “Give Me Souls, Or I Die!” and “Contending for the Faith” while the novel has been named “Chasing the Wind”.

The Sunday Mail Society had a chat with Chidavaenzi who shed more light on what his books are about.

“‘Give Me Souls, Or I Die!’ is a book designed to stir Christians to embark on soul winning. Due to many new doctrines usually centred on the self in modern Pentecostalism, many Christians have lost the zeal to draw others to Christ,” explained Chidavaenzi.

The book seeks to draw believers back to the basic fundamental tenets of the gospel, particularly the great commission.

It covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of soul winning, the challenges often encountered and how to engage in evangelism campaigns.

Chidavaenzi described “Contending for the Faith” as a literary piece that explores the fundamental concepts of faith, particularly reasons why the promises of the Bible often appear illusive to believers.

“It presents a case of why sickness, generational curses and other such problems continue to afflict Christians when Jesus Christ has paid the price in full on the cross.

“The book is designed to equip believers to be able to stand against the wiles of the devil and use their faith to claim their freedom from all forms of bondage.”

The third book, “Chasing the Wind”, explores issues of sexual abuse, prostitution, atheism and faith.

“This book is centred on characters whose tragic life experiences make them question the existence of God.

“It throws together colourful and intriguing characters battling inner turmoil and seeking peace of mind.

“In tight contest with fate, these captivating individuals find themselves chasing the wind and it can only take divine intervention for them to find the inner healing and peace they long for in a world that is rather uncertain.”

Other writers set to publish this year include Bothwell Kagande whose “The Best Version of You” is almost ready, Robert Mugobi with “My Passion, My Voice”, Taziva Mapango introducing “Light Your Candle” and Ruth Mazango who comes in with “An Esther Moment”.

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