‘Castro: A true revolutionary’

Kuda Bwititi: Chief Reporter
African Union Commission Chairperson Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has paid tribute to revolutionary icon Cde Fidel Castro for his outstanding role in the liberation of African countries.

In a statement on the African Union website, Dr Dlamini-Zuma described Cde Castro as an “internationalist” who contributed immensely to Africa. Cde Castro, Cuba’s founding communist leader, died at the weekend after a long illness.

The AU Commission Chairperson said, “President Castro was a liberation icon, a true revolutionary and internationalist, who assisted in the liberation and socio-economic development of Africa and the developing world.

“He was consistent in the fight for the principle of equality amongst nations, reflected in the leading role he played in the Non-Aligned Movement. Castro supported national liberation and anti-colonial struggles, and after independence, the development of national health systems in Africa.

“Cuba deployed tens of thousands of doctors and other medical professionals all over Africa, and trained thousands of medical students from Africa. Africa, on the other hand, has stood steadfast in its solidarity with Cuba, with numerous resolutions by the Organisation of African Unity and the African Union, supporting the end of the economic blockade of Cuba.”

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  • kabija

    I strongly agree, that El Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz was, is and will ever be a true revolutionary. How he organized the the 82 men, sailed in a yatch to the cuban island, was one of the commanders of the three armed groups, lead by example when he requested his father to divide his land and give the rest to the needy, how he dealt with corruption-remember Ochoa, made real, not rhetoric, free education, health, no malnourished nor street kids in Cuba, apart from the blockage, the political cells are functional, you don’t have to read from news papers what the government is doing in your area, and even nation, because you are part and parcel of the deciding structures, unlike elsewhere where the politiburo/central committee are the alpha and omega of every thing. The Cuban revolution is the first one that indicated to me how revolutions can have opposite effects to the majority of their people.

    Hasta la victoria Siempre!!!!!!!!!