Bosso, DeMbare rivalry in boardroom

Bosso, DeMbare rivalry in boardroom

‘Continuity is key’

Peter Dube

Peter Dube
Peter Dube

ZIMBABWEAN football is reaping rewards because of a new order that has been ushered in at Zifa and my wish is for this to cascade down all strata of the game including the Premier Soccer League.

I have respect for my colleague, Kenny Mubaiwa, and I hope this election will further cement the respect we have for each other.

Coming from a club that more or less has the same structures and history as his, I have always argued that I have more in common with Kenny than most chairmen.

There has been talk that I am being offered the deputy chair’s position but I will tell you that nobody has had the guts to come to me with that offer officially.

That probably shows you where stakeholders think I should be deployed.

Assuming the offer has been made officially, my response is any offer is worth looking at because at the end of the day what we want is the best interest of football.

However, I don’t think we can sit here and discuss the merits or demerits of something which is non-existent.

Without necessarily discussing what I will do when elected into office, I can tell you that everything that we will strive for will be underpinned by an undertaking to pursue the best interests of our clubs in a fair and transparent manner.

At the core of what we strive for is the need to create a league that best rewards its clubs.

If you look at how we have been operating you will realise that, almost any club, with the exception of the league where my colleague’s team has been dominant, (can win a tournament).

This is a result of the fairness that we have brought in the management of the league.

Fairness is very important in self-governance and what guides me is the fact that we are all equal as governors and clubs.

Anyone among us can get any position depending on the reception they get from colleagues.

I have been engaging fellow governors and I will tell you that we have had our discussions, discussions which make me confident.

I pray my colleagues will see reason in what we have shared.

Having been part of the PSL leadership my colleague (Mubaiwa) and all stakeholders will recall and say we have put in a good shift to put this league where it is today.

You might want to say that gives me an advantage but nobody has an advantage over anything and I don’t think that really matters.

However, as we go for elections, I am sure my colleagues will look at the journey we have travelled so far and choose to continue in an even better way.

I have a long history in football and with the way I have followed the rules I have no doubt this will see me through.

It is these rules and regulations that determine one’s success and that is why I am not claiming to do this and that when elected because the success of the league is anchored in our rules and regulations and how we conduct business.

I have so much confidence in my colleagues and the expertise they possess to an extent that I don’t doubt that they will give the league the direction they long for just as they have done from the time they began their association with football.

Looking back, there is no denying the fact that we have tried by all means to run a league that is rewarding to everyone from clubs, players and fans.

Fine, we have had our hiccups which is quite normal, but that cannot (erase) the positives we have been recording and by the same token, we also have learnt a lot from where we did not come out best.

Highlanders boss Peter Dube is seeking to be elected Premier Soccer League chairman next weekend. He was speaking to The Sunday Mail Sports Reporter Ishemunyoro Chingwere last week.


‘Its now my time’

Kenny Mubaiwa

Kenny Mubaiwa
Kenny Mubaiwa

AFTER guiding Dynamos to four league titles in five years, I feel it is time for me to elevate to the next level and become the Premier Soccer League chairman.

I tried and failed in 2014, losing 3-13 to the outgoing Twine Phiri but this time around, I am confident the tables will turn.

Convincing the 10 or so clubs that denounced me in the March 2014 elections was always going to be a daunting task, but I have done my homework and I am confident I will romp to victory.

The clubs want a chairman who can take this league to a next level, they want an honest leader and someone with fresh ideas.

Governors, please vote for Mubaiwa and give him a chance to transform the league.We need total transparency.

The clubs want a chairman who moves along with them, a servant leader who does exactly what is wanted by the constituency.

The clubs want to have more say in the way funds are administered, accountability is key if we are to bring in more sponsors to this beautiful game.

I would like to hank Delta Beverages, our master sponsor, for standing by the league.

It should be the new chairman’s number one priority to protect the interests of Delta Beverages – our principal sponsor.

NetOne, through their Easycall Cup, also deserve thumbs up.

I feel the league also needs multiple sponsors to complement and not compete with the current ones we have.

We should also ask ourselves why some of the sponsors just come for a moment and then disappear.

We need a total cleansing of the system.

The clubs are worried about the way the PSL disciplinary cases were handled under the previous leadership. As soon as I get into office, the landscape will be changed so that the ground is even for all the clubs.

I mentioned earlier on in the race that I would have not stood for this post had my colleague made his intentions clear.

I would have preferred a scenario where an emergency meeting was held to choose a candidate who would lead the league until 2018.

But we have to go to the polls and see who is who. What the PSL wants now is a leader who is capable of taking the game to a higher level.

I want what is best for the clubs that is why I am saying vote for Kenny Mubaiwa.

This time I am more enlightened, I have been studying what the clubs really want. The clubs need more revenue. What is left in the club’s pockets after hosting a game is what will concern me when I become chairman.

We have to ask ourselves why the game is no longer attracting big crowds.

I think it is because the players we have today lack that extra skill, the spark that attracts big crowds to the games.

That is a result of lack of a proper youth development programme. The PSL should have a junior league from where good players are identified at an early stage.

Given the mandate, I can source sponsorship for junior football development.

Premier Soccer League chairmanship contender Kenny Mubaiwa spoke to The Sunday Mail  Sports Reporter Langton Nyakwenda in Harare last week

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