Apostle Chipoyera hosts special deliverance service – Targets water spirits o Evangelism drive to win souls

KINGDOM Prosperity Ministries founder, Apostle Rodney Chipoyera will today (Sunday) host a special deliverance service targeting water spirits which cause sicknesses, deaths, accidents and many other afflictions.

The deliverance service comes against a backdrop of hundreds of miracles which are being recorded every week in the presence of congregants.

Apostle Chipoyera, who recently returned from a preaching mission in South Africa, invited all those facing serious challenges to attend today’s service at KPM located at number 99 Parklane, close to the Master of High Court offices.he deliverance service comes against a backdrop of hundreds of miracles which are being recorded every week in the presence of congregants.

He urged Christian believers to take advantage of the great move of God at KPM to be freed from captivity.

“The good news is that all the deliverance and healing is free. We don’t charge people. So come Sunday, anyone who needs healing or deliverance is free to come and fellowship with us. Our main focus will be dealing with marine or water spirits. These are violent spirits which will not go away by ice cream prayers.

“At KPM, God is moving so mightily and no disease, no sickness and no demon can stand His power. We have had many people testifying how God has transformed their lives; be it in health, finances and business.”

The KPM leader, however, urged believers to stand firm on the word of God and serious prayers to conquer the marine spirits.

“Now that you have decided to wage a war against these spirits, don’t cut short the mission; don’t abort the mission half way. Go all the way. Seek complete deliverance and this is exactly what we do at KPM. There is permanent deliverance and healing to long term problems,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

The man of God, who is also highly anointed in the area of prosperity, has prayed for many people whose lives have been transformed financially.

Some people who joined KPM have managed to buy cars while some have turned from tenants to landlords.

As scores of people packed the church auditorium on Wednesday morning for the spiritual clinic, God used His servants Apostle Chipoyera and wife, Apostle Farai, for healing, prophecy and deliverance.

After Apostle Chipoyera did an altar call for the sick, Michael Uthelo who was suffering from loss of energy for five years joined scores of people for prayers.

He narrated how he was attacked by “evil birds” in his bedroom and how his life has never been the same.

For less than two minutes, Apostle Chipoyera prayed for Michael, who was accompanied by his mother.

He instantly received his healing, much to the glory of God as KPM congregants made a thunderous applause, thanking the Lord for the miracle.

Others who joined the healing session and came out with testimonies are Ketayi Shara who endured back pain for two years. She also had lost her sense of smell. All this turned around after prayer.

Some who were healed of back pains are Nigel Nguruve, Vimbai Mazivei while Royal Nowa, Chipo Nudawarima, Beauty Shoriwa, Evangelista Chapita were healed of stomach problems.

Not to be outdone in testifying about God’s goodness were Chrispen Makanda (low blood pressure), Winfred Chanyandura (body weakness), Grace Cage (high blood pressure) and Anyway Ruzive (legs, eyes and teeth problems).

These testimonies come at a time when KPM has embarked on an evangelism drive to win souls for God’s kingdom. The evangelism efforts started last week on Saturday to harvest souls for Jesus.

Apostle Chipoyera encouraged all those who are willing to participate in the soul winning mission to join the KPM team.

Church services

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Wednesday: Healing, prophetic and deliverance service dubbed Spiritual Clinic

Sunday: 830am to 12pm.


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