80 books and still counting

Many of us will go from the cradle to the grave without ever writing a
single book.

Drs George and Roseittar Chikohwa – who lead Church on the Rock Ministries International – have penned more than 80. And more are coming as soon as this this.

Their works have an uplifting human touch, resonating with our imperfections and fears, hopes and triumphs.

Among the titles are “Bitterness and Anger: How to Get Rid of It”, “Breaking the Spirit of Poverty Through Working Talents”, “Evangelist Dr George Chikohwa Biography” and a volume on the church’s history.

“Bitterness and Anger” was written by Dr Rosewittar, who says her aim in it was to reach out and help people find peace.

Orphaned at the age of 12 and adopted by Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti, Dr Rosewittar delves into the bitterness triggered by the loss of her parents.

“I even thought of committing suicide, my heart was poisoned with bitterness. I became demon possessed, yet I was a born again Christian”.

With her anti-bitterness nuggets, she tackles the causes and symptoms, while incorporating her husband’s own challenges with anger.

Dr George writes about the bitterness he developed when he became alive to the reality that he had been born out of wedlock, the pain of losing his mother at the age of four, and facing low self-esteem issues that would rock his marriage.

Dr Rosewittar says of their efforts: “Indeed it’s a passion and one of my greatest callings and strengths to take people from zero to heroes. This means I start with new believers and disciple them until they become great women and men of God.

“It’s amazing how God works. I cannot separate the two as they are both part of me. Writing books has always been a ministry that the gospel will reach many people.

“This fulfils what God said in the covenant, ‘I want the seed in you to go to many nations,’ and indeed it has become a form of a pulpit as God is fulfilling his word by sending many children to us from different parts of the world that we are not able to reach face to face.”

Central to their lives and ministry are Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa leaders, Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti.

While Dr Rosewittar was adopted by the Zaoga leaders, Dr George came into their orbit when he attended Bible school at Africa Multi-Nation for Christ College.

Drs George and Rosewittar Chikohwa have written more than 80 books between them
Drs George and Rosewittar Chikohwa have written more than 80 books between them

It was under the quidance of the Zaoga leaders that the couple courted and then married in 1982.

In his biography, Dr George reveals his encounters with men like Evangelist Reinhard Bonke, quite a step up in the world for a boy who dropped out of school to take care of his uncle’s three cattle, and then worked as a cook and a gardener.

He confronts the emotional and social issues of being childless seven years into marriage (they now have four children), and building his own ministry in 1987, after serving in Zaoga for about nine years.

“It was not easy for George to let Apostle Guti know about his decision, as the two had closely worked together for nearly 10 years … In obedience to God, George and Rose therefore started Church on the Rock from scratch, without any supporting human and capital resources from Zaoga,” the biography states.

Despite the church splitting in 1993 when a pastor claimed the couple had abused funds, the ministry has spread around Zimbabwe and to Australia, Botswana, Namibia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Dr Rosewittar says of the Gutis: “There is a saying which states that, ‘You cannot be a great leader before you become a great follower.’ The mentorship by the apostles has played a vital role as most of the things we do and the challenges we face we refer to their teachings. We see that it has made our leadership to continuously grow and increasing the wisdom of God.”

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