‘21st February is about peace, unity’
Rhodesian nationalist leader Robert Mugabe raises his fists in salute to a group of supporters as he arrives at Lusaka Airport, Zambia, January 8, 1977, to attend a summit conference of leaders of the five front line African States. (AP Photo)

‘21st February is about peace, unity’

President Mugabe’s birthday deserves to be celebrated with the highest honour through peace and unity to emulate his exemplary leadership, Zanu-PF National Spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo has said.

The President turns 92 today and festivities to mark the 21st February Movement are billed for next Saturday in Masvingo.

President Mugabe
President Mugabe

In a statement yesterday, Ambassador Khaya-Moyo said the 21st February Movement was a befitting tribute for the prominent role played by the iconic leader from the early days of nationalist politics in the 1950s to independence in 1980 and through to the present.

“Their (youths who founded the 21st February Movement) vision was not to celebrate just a birthday but to recognise the role the President had played in the liberation of Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Khaya-Moyo.

He said this year’s 21st February Movement celebrations should be held under the banner of peace and unity.

His comments come in the wake of ugly infighting within Zanu-PF pitting rival factions whom the President on Friday ordered to cease and desist.

“The day must therefore be celebrated in unity and peace. (The President) has and continues to lead by example-indeed an icon and a living legend. We wish him many more happy returns,” said Ambassador Khaya-Moyo.

He said apart from the festivities associated with the 21st February Movement, the day also afforded people an opportunity to reflect on the President’s remarkable attributes.

“The day is, therefore, not just for celebration for all youth across the country, but to reflect and appreciate President Robert Mugabe’s attributes,” said Ambassador Khaya Moyo

“He is not only an icon but a visionary and a man of destiny. Besides being a pronounced educationist, he is a man of principle, purpose, fortitude, perseverance, handwork, courage, immaculateness and charisma.”

Ambassador Moyo said President Mugabe’s consistency in fighting for true independence was unmatched.

“He (President Mugabe) had played a significant role in the leadership of nationalist parties, the National Democratic Party (NDP) and the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (Zapu) as Secretary for Information and Publicity,” he said.

“When Zapu split in 1963 and the Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu) was formed, he was elected the Secretary General.

“It was these two parties, Zapu and Zanu, which later on laid solid ground for an armed liberation struggle, since they had been banned in the then Rhodesia,” he said.

Ambassador Khaya-Moyo said President Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nkomo had bravely led the Zanla and Zipra armed wings to fight a dogged settler regime.

This year’s 21st February Movement celebrations will be held at the Great Zimbabwe Monument with up to 50 000 people expected to attend.

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  • Tendai Chirau

    Ninety two years ago in the village of kutama, unto us a Leader was born.His name is Robert Mugabe, the bonfire of the people”s revolution.Today we celebrate his natal day.A celebration of sagacity and a legacy of serving the people.Cde President, your foot prints remain our inspiration.Many happy returns our LEADER

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Mr Editor, allow me to extend revolutionary congratulations to our dear leader Cde President Mugabe on his birthday. I also pray to God for his continued longevity and good leadership in Zimbabwe. God giveth life and only God taketh life when one`s tour of life sojourn ends! The devil and his followers have been kept away from the precious life of our dear leader. We thank God for this gift to Zimbabwe and Africa. Revolutionary wishes for his deserved and necessary longevity!

  • Sekuru Mhofu

    Happy Birthday Gushungo!

  • mims

    happy bdae chimdara gushungo